Friday, June 27, 2014

Safe in Mexico!


I made it safely to the CCM (Missionary Training Center) and this email is kicking off our orientation! I have a lot to tell you already, but we only have like 5 minutes to write or we miss dinner, so this will be quick! My PDay is Tuesday so youll get a full report from me then :) 

Most important thing though, my luggage all made it (with minimal liquid explosions) and I realized we didnt pack my boots... Oops. Can you ship them?? Im not in a big rush for them. Yet.

The plane ride was alright, nothing too bad but nothing too great..And Jessica thank you for your letter :) I already wrote you a reply! Ill send it as soon as I figure out how mail works around here.

Oh and the girl from Arizona I talked to on Facebook is my companion along with another girl going to Nicaragua we havent met yet. There were TONS of missionaries on the flight, and a fair amount of guys to Nicaragua North. As far as I know though Hermana Muller and the comp we havent met yet are the only Sisters!

Also Id like to apologize for not using any apostrophes, I cant figure out how to on this Spanish keyboard. Oh and Mexcio City is INCREDIBLE!! And the CCM is beautiful. And wearing this nametag is like super exciting. I am already loving this. 

Love you and miss you already!! 


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