Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Last Week in the CCM!

Exactly one week from now I will have been in Nicaragua for one hour!! I'm so excited! I feel like the MTC is like the Pre-mortal Existence, you learn so much but it's useless until you can USE what you learn. I'm so excited to get started!!

Well this week has been rather uneventful, but there were a few fun moments!

First, we found found out that the investigator we had the other week that could have been a nonmember WAS a nonmember! He talked with us about not thinking God knew him personally and I feel like I bore to him the most powerful testimony I have in the CCM. I hope it made at least a little difference in his life :)

I had a hard day this week, so the next day during my shower my adorable Hermanas decided to take sticky notes and put them all over inside my books and my bed and in my closet that had little compliments on each of them. That was definitely a highlight of the week :)

Best part of the week though... we decided to do a "DePartes Martes" (Martes is Tuesday in Spanish) and part our hair in the middle. A bunch of the Elders did it, including the two other Elders not in our district going to Nicaragua. All of them looked ridiculous. I love it. :)

Another ridiculous moment...Hna Muller got this little toy penguin inside a bag of food from the store this week that squirts water, so basically every opportunity she got she used it to squirt Elder LeSueur, who is our district bromista (which means joker). Every time she did he would yell "No!!NO!!NOO!!"... Our maturity levels have gone up in a lot of ways and definitely declined in a lot more... It's pretty hilarious. 

We've made really good friends with some girls from our Casa and I hopefully I'll be able to get some good pictures and send them of all of us, I'm really sad to be leaving them! The second photo is with Hermana Mendoza.. she's so funny. Some of our favorite sisters in the branch left this week for their missions, and we were really sad to see them go. Pictures attached :)

Well I love you all and I love hearing from you! Have a great week! 

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visitando al Templo!

Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
This has definitely been the most eventful week so I'm going to try and cut it down to the highlights :) 

First off, we got to go to the temple today! Finally! I bought some scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures and got all the hymns on CD in Spanish. Since the temple was closed for renovations we only got to go in the visitors center but it was SO nice to be able to get out of the CCM for a few hours! I love it here but it's really hard to be in such an incredible city and not be able to see any of it. Anyways, the ride was super enlightening because 1. It's one thing to explain crazy drivers outside the U.S. to someone and it's another to be in the middle of it. They are crazy. 2. I had this indescribable energy enter my heart testifying of how important the message of the gospel was as I drove past all the Mexicans. I could just feel their souls yearning for meaning in their lives. I'm so excited to get to Nicaragua!

On Thursday, while our district was playing volleyball outside we started to feel the afternoon storm coming in (and we could feel it was going to be heavy) but we decided to keep playing for a little longer. And a little longer. And a little longer, till eventually it was POURING on us, and we were still going at it. We could barely hear each other over all the rain, but it was seriously a blast. We finally went inside when it started hailing. Yes, HAILING. In Mexico in July. Probably one of the more exciting moments of the past month here!

So Mom, you know how you wanted me to find a whole bunch of people that are here that we have weird connections with?? I found one better. Our instructor, Karime Arnaud served her mission in St.George and her first area was La Verkin. I didn't think to ask till this week (duh Michelle) if she knew any of our family, and I found out she knew Grandpa! She served in the Spanish branch with him!! When I told her he passed away last October she cried. But it gets better, they have a picture together!!! (Picture attached) How incredible is that!! Hna. Arnaud is seriously the best. I'll miss her a ton. I also ran into an Elder Gubler from Santa Clara. We took a picture but it was raining and I look super scary so I probably won't attach that one... XD

Grandpa Gubler (1934-2013) and Hermana Arnaud
We also made friends with a native companionship, Hermana Tah and Hermana Bravo, and they were seriously the cutest. We sat with them at meals and talked with them during gym. They were only here for two weeks, though, and they left this Monday. When we went over to their casa to say goodbye Hermana Bravo cried and cried. It's amazing how quickly you can bond with people you can barely communicate with. 

We gave a lesson this week to a boy named Miguel and we still don't know if he was a member or not. He probably was but his feedback card was so simple I think he may not have been! It was a really powerful lesson for me and I'm just so excited to start teaching. 

A few funny moments with the comps this week:

Whenever we say something negative about someone, Hermana Muller makes us say three nice things about that person. So if one of the Elders is driving me crazy and I vocalize it, I have to be willing to say three good things about him. Well, we were about to go to bed and I said, "Ugh this bruise on my knee is so ugly," and Hermana Muller says from the bottom bunk, "Say three nice things about it!" We were busting up. (P.S. We always have bruises on our knees because we get down and up from these tile floors to pray so much. I love it!)

This week we also made some signs for each of us for our classroom door. We all drew names and drew the picture for another person. I drew Elder LeSueur's and everyone who sees it comments on the "script" and how nice it looks (pat on the the back). Elder Shawcroft drew mine (picture attached) and I'm pretty sure it's the best picture of me ever drawn. ;)

Well, I love you all and I LOVE hearing from you even if I can't reply! Hopefully I have more time on the computer in Nicaragua!

Love, Hermana Gubler

P.S. Any letters sent now should be sent to Nicaragua :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Halfway Done with the CCM!


It is so beautiful here I can't stand it!
Wow time has FLOWN. I can't believe we're halfway to Nicaragua!

First, I'll just share a little tender miracle. So I told you about how much the beds suck and how I was having a huge issue sleeping-- and I don't remember if I told you that the food was pretty iffy. But this week I was eating lunch and I realized that I hadn't had any problem sleeping for days and this food was actually really good, I automatically knew it was the Lord looking out for me. I feel like as I worked harder to be diligent and consistent things got easier till I didn't even notice them. Truly a miracle. God is good <3

Another tender mercy this week, our companionship is having serious music withdrawals (Like we are singing 80% of the time) but we went into the finance office to exchange some currency this week and the radio was playing "Do You Believe in Life After Love" and we lost it with happiness. We were singing it the rest of the day. I'm so glad I can listen to music in Nicaragua, because this is killer. 

Funny story-- So this week our district has done a lot of story exchanging and picture sharing, and when the Elders looked at pictures of Jessica they were like super blown away that she was only thirteen. They thought you were really pretty, Jess. No wonder all the boys are in love with you ;) 

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the Atonement, and I was thinking about a lot of the questions I had regarding it and feeling really confused. Then our teachers gave us a "sample lesson" and they used me as their investigator, and as they testified to me about the atonement, I was just so filled with the spirit. I was spiritually reminded that the gospel can only be taught in your heart, not in your mind. It was a perfect answer to prayer <3

One last funny story!! Hna Muller and I were in the cafeteria on Wednesday and all the new missionaries were coming in, and she said, "Hola! Beinvinedo a la CCM de Mexico!" and a guy glared at us and said, "I've been here for four weeks." I was dying from laughter. I love my companions.

Madison--everyone loved looking through your book. Everyone is jealous that I have a friendship as perfect as ours, because most of them have never had a friend like you :')

Tyson-- I thought you should know that our district plays volleyball almost every day and that I've gotten so much better. I still suck and it's still my worst sport by far, but now you don't have to be so embarrassed when we play volleyball because I don't suck quite so badly. haha

Well I had a few stories involving throw up and getting lost in the bathrooms, but I don't really have time so I'll save them for individual letters!

I love you all and miss you tons! 

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2 Weeks down, 76 to go! ;)

It has been a CRAZY week! At the CCM we are so productive and do so much that everyday feels like a week and every week feels like a month. But at the same time somehow time flies!! After Sunday I was like, where has the time gone?? Anyway I feel like because of that, every day and every feeling that accompanies it is totally magnified, so the good days are AMAZING and the harder days really suck. But it's been a great week :)

Learning Spanish is totally not what I expected it would be! Sometimes I'm bored because it's way too easy and sometimes I'm freaking out because I don't understand anything. When we teach lessons we basically need to know the whole language, but in class we're just barely learning how to conjugate verbs in the present. I've learned so much though it's crazy. I didn't know it was possible to learn this much this fast!! Whenever my companions and I don't know how to say something in Spanish (we try to talk in Spanish as much as we can) we just say things in a Mexican accent. And sometimes Russian ones just for fun.  I'm pretty sure we look like fools to everyone else but we think we're funny ;) 

Our first investigator became our second teacher this week and we're thrilled because we really love her. She told us she especially enjoyed our lessons and said we knew the doctrine really well! And she told me I need to speak up when I have spiritual impressions (because she could tell when I wanted to say something and didn't) even though my Spanish isn't nearly as good as my companions. Now we have two investigators so I'll be trying harder at that!

So Independence Day here was such a sweet day. Everyone dressed in red white and blue--my companions and I did and we wore pearls and did our hair all vintage and we looked adorable but since it wasn't on PDay we were'n't supposed to take a picture, and my companions are very good at making me stick to the rules. ;) The cafeteria had red white and blue table cloths and served BBQ sandwiches and apple pie, and we all sang the Star Spangled Banner at lunch, which was weird because there weren't any American flags to look at! haha But it was very touching to see how much respect they had for our home. 

Oh Steven!! Funny story!! You know your friend Mckenna Thompson from dance camp last year?? She is in my district! She arrived a week after I did and came up to me and was like, Do you have a brother named Steven?? I love her. She's super cute! 

Another funny story, my companions are laughing right now as they type it up, I was in the bathroom taking a shower a few nights ago and the power went out and it was totally dark. I panicked and started yelling my thoughts: HELP I'M IN THE SHOWER, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING, AND I'M ALONE AND IT'S DARK. I then ran out of the bathroom soaking wet in my towel to find my comps busting out and then the power came back on. So now we know when I panic I cope by screaming out my life narration. It was pretty funny. 

Our district is seriously the best. One of the guys' Mom somehow figured out how to get cinnamon rolls delivered to him every week. Yeah, could you Google that one and surprise me sometime?? ;) And he lets us come over and steal some. He's super hilarious (even when he makes fun of my laugh!) and our DL is a really great leader. There's this one Elder who has glasses that make his eyes look so big and he's just really funny. I don't have time to tell you about them all but we just have a blast. As silly as they are sometimes :)

OH and I forgot how socially awkward I've gotten (even in English) now that I constantly have to meet people and talk to them. It's like I forgot how to determine whether something is funny and worth telling or not, because I'm used to just being around my close friends where it doesn't matter whether its interesting. You know?? Anyways. I'll get better. haha

Well I love you all and I appreciate your emails!! Miss you!

-Hermana Michelle Gubler

P.S. EVERYONE PLEASE USE DEARELDER.COM!! Letters take FOREVER to get here and the Mexican postal system is apparently corrupt so I may not get the letters. Email is great too but I basically only have time to skim what you say because I have like no time on the computer. And I can't print so that stinks. THANKS!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Email Home!!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

This week has been the most exciting and crazy week of my life!! The plane ride here was so great! As we ascended on the airplane out of Salt Lake City we flew down the entire valley and I was able to see everything from Temple Square to the Traverse Mountain outlets. The last thing I saw before we entered the clouds was the Y on the mountain. It was a great goodbye to Utah :)

So my group of missionaries entering the MTC this week had the largest group of Sisters ever to enter the Mexico CCM! 45ish I think. Everyone in the group, however, was going back to the states or to Nicaragua, and there were only 4 girls going to Nicaragua, two of which are in my trioship. ;) Speaking of, I LOVE MY COMPANERAS!! They are seriously the greatest. One of them, Hermana Muller, was one I had already met on Facebook (I think I already said that in the last email) and the other, Hermana Wilkins, is from Texas. We all have our quirks but they are extremely supportive and so much fun :) Their Spanish is super good because they took tons of it in school so I feel dumb when we teach lessons (which we did the second day I was here. What!?!) But they are so great to have around because I'm learning it so fast! 

My district is super awesome too! It's funny because I was expecting to get here and meet some missionaries who are like the ones I'm used to, so I didn't think that they would still be "boys". I don't know why I thought that, they're brand new too, I guess I just didn't think about it. So they definitely drive us crazy sometimes but they are great :) Our whole district is going to Nicaragua Managua Norte, which is super rare! Since my comps' Spanish is so good, everyone is always asking us things. And since we're girls, we're always organized and know what's going on. If our district had a hashtag, I'm pretty sure it would be #AskTheHermanas. We love it :) 

MEXICO CITY IS BEAUTIFUL!! Flying in it looked like someone spilled a gigantic box of tiny white and colored legos and spread them as far as they possibly could. It goes on forever! And it is so beautiful and rainy and green :) The CCM is a lot of fun. We seriously are like boxed in here, part of it is surrounded by a moat, no joke. I feel pretty safe. haha. The food is not awful, but not the best I've ever had. It's funny because some stuff is way better, like the soda and the fruit and chips, but the rest is not the best. Oh well. The fruit is so good it's totally worth it! We have class time, personal studying time, teaching time, meal time, and Spanish computer practice time, and that about makes up everything except meals or sleep. It feels like I've been here a month since I've learned and done SO MUCH. It feels impossible to have done all this in one week. OH, and we already had a mouse encounter. Don't worry, we only screamed a little. Basically all food except cough drops which are locked up has been gotten rid of because that was not a pleasant experience. And the sleeping situation. I MISS MY BED SO MUCH. I wake up every morning with the side of my hips red and hurting from the pressure. I used another pillow last night and that helped a lot. Oh well. Discipleship requires sacrifice ;)  Anyways. this place is like EFY on steriods with homework and no flirting (hallelujah) just in a language you don't understand. I love it. 

If you want to watch an amazing devotional Google "Elder Bednar MTC address Christmas" and I hope you can find it, it was pretty recent I think. It was really good. I had been praying to understand true conversion better and this answered a lot of questions :) 

Well, I love you a lot and hope all is well back in the U.S.! Have so much fun this week on Independence day! I'll miss the fireworks and hotdogs. And especially you. Love you! Until next week! I'll be on about this time next week too so if you want we can email back and forth, Mom. Or if you get this now respond quick!! 

Love, Hermana Michelle Gubler