Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2 Weeks down, 76 to go! ;)

It has been a CRAZY week! At the CCM we are so productive and do so much that everyday feels like a week and every week feels like a month. But at the same time somehow time flies!! After Sunday I was like, where has the time gone?? Anyway I feel like because of that, every day and every feeling that accompanies it is totally magnified, so the good days are AMAZING and the harder days really suck. But it's been a great week :)

Learning Spanish is totally not what I expected it would be! Sometimes I'm bored because it's way too easy and sometimes I'm freaking out because I don't understand anything. When we teach lessons we basically need to know the whole language, but in class we're just barely learning how to conjugate verbs in the present. I've learned so much though it's crazy. I didn't know it was possible to learn this much this fast!! Whenever my companions and I don't know how to say something in Spanish (we try to talk in Spanish as much as we can) we just say things in a Mexican accent. And sometimes Russian ones just for fun.  I'm pretty sure we look like fools to everyone else but we think we're funny ;) 

Our first investigator became our second teacher this week and we're thrilled because we really love her. She told us she especially enjoyed our lessons and said we knew the doctrine really well! And she told me I need to speak up when I have spiritual impressions (because she could tell when I wanted to say something and didn't) even though my Spanish isn't nearly as good as my companions. Now we have two investigators so I'll be trying harder at that!

So Independence Day here was such a sweet day. Everyone dressed in red white and blue--my companions and I did and we wore pearls and did our hair all vintage and we looked adorable but since it wasn't on PDay we were'n't supposed to take a picture, and my companions are very good at making me stick to the rules. ;) The cafeteria had red white and blue table cloths and served BBQ sandwiches and apple pie, and we all sang the Star Spangled Banner at lunch, which was weird because there weren't any American flags to look at! haha But it was very touching to see how much respect they had for our home. 

Oh Steven!! Funny story!! You know your friend Mckenna Thompson from dance camp last year?? She is in my district! She arrived a week after I did and came up to me and was like, Do you have a brother named Steven?? I love her. She's super cute! 

Another funny story, my companions are laughing right now as they type it up, I was in the bathroom taking a shower a few nights ago and the power went out and it was totally dark. I panicked and started yelling my thoughts: HELP I'M IN THE SHOWER, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING, AND I'M ALONE AND IT'S DARK. I then ran out of the bathroom soaking wet in my towel to find my comps busting out and then the power came back on. So now we know when I panic I cope by screaming out my life narration. It was pretty funny. 

Our district is seriously the best. One of the guys' Mom somehow figured out how to get cinnamon rolls delivered to him every week. Yeah, could you Google that one and surprise me sometime?? ;) And he lets us come over and steal some. He's super hilarious (even when he makes fun of my laugh!) and our DL is a really great leader. There's this one Elder who has glasses that make his eyes look so big and he's just really funny. I don't have time to tell you about them all but we just have a blast. As silly as they are sometimes :)

OH and I forgot how socially awkward I've gotten (even in English) now that I constantly have to meet people and talk to them. It's like I forgot how to determine whether something is funny and worth telling or not, because I'm used to just being around my close friends where it doesn't matter whether its interesting. You know?? Anyways. I'll get better. haha

Well I love you all and I appreciate your emails!! Miss you!

-Hermana Michelle Gubler

P.S. EVERYONE PLEASE USE DEARELDER.COM!! Letters take FOREVER to get here and the Mexican postal system is apparently corrupt so I may not get the letters. Email is great too but I basically only have time to skim what you say because I have like no time on the computer. And I can't print so that stinks. THANKS!!

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