Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Email Home!!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

This week has been the most exciting and crazy week of my life!! The plane ride here was so great! As we ascended on the airplane out of Salt Lake City we flew down the entire valley and I was able to see everything from Temple Square to the Traverse Mountain outlets. The last thing I saw before we entered the clouds was the Y on the mountain. It was a great goodbye to Utah :)

So my group of missionaries entering the MTC this week had the largest group of Sisters ever to enter the Mexico CCM! 45ish I think. Everyone in the group, however, was going back to the states or to Nicaragua, and there were only 4 girls going to Nicaragua, two of which are in my trioship. ;) Speaking of, I LOVE MY COMPANERAS!! They are seriously the greatest. One of them, Hermana Muller, was one I had already met on Facebook (I think I already said that in the last email) and the other, Hermana Wilkins, is from Texas. We all have our quirks but they are extremely supportive and so much fun :) Their Spanish is super good because they took tons of it in school so I feel dumb when we teach lessons (which we did the second day I was here. What!?!) But they are so great to have around because I'm learning it so fast! 

My district is super awesome too! It's funny because I was expecting to get here and meet some missionaries who are like the ones I'm used to, so I didn't think that they would still be "boys". I don't know why I thought that, they're brand new too, I guess I just didn't think about it. So they definitely drive us crazy sometimes but they are great :) Our whole district is going to Nicaragua Managua Norte, which is super rare! Since my comps' Spanish is so good, everyone is always asking us things. And since we're girls, we're always organized and know what's going on. If our district had a hashtag, I'm pretty sure it would be #AskTheHermanas. We love it :) 

MEXICO CITY IS BEAUTIFUL!! Flying in it looked like someone spilled a gigantic box of tiny white and colored legos and spread them as far as they possibly could. It goes on forever! And it is so beautiful and rainy and green :) The CCM is a lot of fun. We seriously are like boxed in here, part of it is surrounded by a moat, no joke. I feel pretty safe. haha. The food is not awful, but not the best I've ever had. It's funny because some stuff is way better, like the soda and the fruit and chips, but the rest is not the best. Oh well. The fruit is so good it's totally worth it! We have class time, personal studying time, teaching time, meal time, and Spanish computer practice time, and that about makes up everything except meals or sleep. It feels like I've been here a month since I've learned and done SO MUCH. It feels impossible to have done all this in one week. OH, and we already had a mouse encounter. Don't worry, we only screamed a little. Basically all food except cough drops which are locked up has been gotten rid of because that was not a pleasant experience. And the sleeping situation. I MISS MY BED SO MUCH. I wake up every morning with the side of my hips red and hurting from the pressure. I used another pillow last night and that helped a lot. Oh well. Discipleship requires sacrifice ;)  Anyways. this place is like EFY on steriods with homework and no flirting (hallelujah) just in a language you don't understand. I love it. 

If you want to watch an amazing devotional Google "Elder Bednar MTC address Christmas" and I hope you can find it, it was pretty recent I think. It was really good. I had been praying to understand true conversion better and this answered a lot of questions :) 

Well, I love you a lot and hope all is well back in the U.S.! Have so much fun this week on Independence day! I'll miss the fireworks and hotdogs. And especially you. Love you! Until next week! I'll be on about this time next week too so if you want we can email back and forth, Mom. Or if you get this now respond quick!! 

Love, Hermana Michelle Gubler

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