Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visitando al Templo!

Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
This has definitely been the most eventful week so I'm going to try and cut it down to the highlights :) 

First off, we got to go to the temple today! Finally! I bought some scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures and got all the hymns on CD in Spanish. Since the temple was closed for renovations we only got to go in the visitors center but it was SO nice to be able to get out of the CCM for a few hours! I love it here but it's really hard to be in such an incredible city and not be able to see any of it. Anyways, the ride was super enlightening because 1. It's one thing to explain crazy drivers outside the U.S. to someone and it's another to be in the middle of it. They are crazy. 2. I had this indescribable energy enter my heart testifying of how important the message of the gospel was as I drove past all the Mexicans. I could just feel their souls yearning for meaning in their lives. I'm so excited to get to Nicaragua!

On Thursday, while our district was playing volleyball outside we started to feel the afternoon storm coming in (and we could feel it was going to be heavy) but we decided to keep playing for a little longer. And a little longer. And a little longer, till eventually it was POURING on us, and we were still going at it. We could barely hear each other over all the rain, but it was seriously a blast. We finally went inside when it started hailing. Yes, HAILING. In Mexico in July. Probably one of the more exciting moments of the past month here!

So Mom, you know how you wanted me to find a whole bunch of people that are here that we have weird connections with?? I found one better. Our instructor, Karime Arnaud served her mission in St.George and her first area was La Verkin. I didn't think to ask till this week (duh Michelle) if she knew any of our family, and I found out she knew Grandpa! She served in the Spanish branch with him!! When I told her he passed away last October she cried. But it gets better, they have a picture together!!! (Picture attached) How incredible is that!! Hna. Arnaud is seriously the best. I'll miss her a ton. I also ran into an Elder Gubler from Santa Clara. We took a picture but it was raining and I look super scary so I probably won't attach that one... XD

Grandpa Gubler (1934-2013) and Hermana Arnaud
We also made friends with a native companionship, Hermana Tah and Hermana Bravo, and they were seriously the cutest. We sat with them at meals and talked with them during gym. They were only here for two weeks, though, and they left this Monday. When we went over to their casa to say goodbye Hermana Bravo cried and cried. It's amazing how quickly you can bond with people you can barely communicate with. 

We gave a lesson this week to a boy named Miguel and we still don't know if he was a member or not. He probably was but his feedback card was so simple I think he may not have been! It was a really powerful lesson for me and I'm just so excited to start teaching. 

A few funny moments with the comps this week:

Whenever we say something negative about someone, Hermana Muller makes us say three nice things about that person. So if one of the Elders is driving me crazy and I vocalize it, I have to be willing to say three good things about him. Well, we were about to go to bed and I said, "Ugh this bruise on my knee is so ugly," and Hermana Muller says from the bottom bunk, "Say three nice things about it!" We were busting up. (P.S. We always have bruises on our knees because we get down and up from these tile floors to pray so much. I love it!)

This week we also made some signs for each of us for our classroom door. We all drew names and drew the picture for another person. I drew Elder LeSueur's and everyone who sees it comments on the "script" and how nice it looks (pat on the the back). Elder Shawcroft drew mine (picture attached) and I'm pretty sure it's the best picture of me ever drawn. ;)

Well, I love you all and I LOVE hearing from you even if I can't reply! Hopefully I have more time on the computer in Nicaragua!

Love, Hermana Gubler

P.S. Any letters sent now should be sent to Nicaragua :)

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  1. That is an awesome story about Grandpa, it truly is a small world!