Saturday, August 23, 2014

Of Mice and Missionaries

We found that at the Grocery store. Go figure.

Can you tell I'm out of creative subject lines?? hahaha
Jacquelyn told me before I left that I didn't yet understand how much I was capable of accomplishing in one day. There has never been a more correct statement. It really is crazy how much we do in just one day! I love being so productive!
Well, this week I had a  few of small thoughts. I'll start with those.
1. We have a serious mice problem. I hate mice. And the cockroaches and moths here are HUGE. Heaven help me.
2. My bed is a memory foam one and every time I get in it I want to cry because I'm so happy. #TenderMercies
3. We have a few investigators who currently can't read. I had to hold back tears when they told us that. I can't even imagine what it would be like to not be able to read. I sort of expected this, but it's harder than I thought to see it first hand.
4,. My feet swell up like mad here. It's so weird. They don't hurt (well, they don't hurt more than I expected, haha) but they are super swollen each night and not much better in the morning. I can't wear the Sperry penny loafers I brought because my feet won't fit in them anymore. Oh well. I can wear them when I get home I guess! :)
5. Cat calling and anything like unto it should be punishable by death. That is all.
6. I LOVE MISSION WORK. SO MUCH. I could write an entire email on this, but I'll just let it wait for another week.
Another funny story: So the people here have a fear of diseases spread through mosquitoes (not complaining) but every few months or so they have guys come through everyone's houses and spray this horrid gas to kill the mosquitoes that takes forever to air out. I don't want to say I felt like my house got turned into a gas chamber because that's a little insensitive I think, but yeah. It was odd.
This week Presidente and his family decided to surprise us and attend our ward! Yay! Especially since we had committed and reminded that morning 15 different people to come to church, and only one family came. -_- But oh well. I have this strange need to impress and make them both proud, even though I barely know them. It's a good thing I guess!
But anyway, in Sunday school we read some scriptures in Matthew and I only recognized a few words, and the teacher turns to me (knowing I'm brand new in the mission) and asks me what the scripture is telling us. Which is super great because Presidente and Hermana Collado were sitting right next to me. So I completely guessed and gave a simple answer about how we need to follow the example of Christ and serve others (which was actually a fairly decent answer I figured out after I went back and read the scriptures in English). But yeah. My most awkward moment so far.
We currently have so many investigators we don't really know what to do with ourselves. It's difficult because everyone here wants to hear "the word of God" so just about everyone is willing to listen. We have to kind of sort through and find the people who are willing to ACT. I've learned this week that going to church, reading our scriptures, and discussing the gospel do us absolutely no good unless we do something about it! We need to act on what we receive or progression is impossible. I understood this before, but I really understand it internally now.
One last cool story I think I forgot last week: I really don't have a ton going for me because I can't speak the language well, so my smile and my spirit is about all I've got. So I've really tried to focus on that. One of our investigators with a baptismal date (we have five!) told me in Spanish that she knew that I loved the people here just by the look on my face. That really warmed my heart because I really do love them, and I'm glad it's showing.
That's all for this week! I hope you all have a great week and always remember the gospel is true and the Lord loves you!
Hermana Michelle Gubler

Can we just take a moment and appreciate that Trix still are in cool shapes here??

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