Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Putting Fetchas with Our People & Other Spanglish

Visual aids for teaching lessons
I would like to start this email with a quick Spanish lesson:

MachetearVerb. Directly translated: to machete. Indirectly translated: To call out or to chew out. Commonly used among missionaries as the action that will occur when investigators don't attend church when they say they will. Will be one of the words Sister Gubler will have a hard time not using when she returns because it is used when speaking Spanish and English, along with words like fetcha, capilla, obispo, days of the week and months, and other church related words. Thus creating Spanglish. The struggle is real.

BUT we didn't have to machetear this week because we had 8 investigators in church this Sunday! :D Including less-actives we're visiting and the investigators' children we had 24 people! We were super excited. We hope to see 5 baptized this month (hence the subject line) :) We also found out one of our investigators, Niferi, is 13 (she looks 20) this week.. and pregnant. She could use some prayers! I would like to write more about investigators but our email time got cut in half this week so it will have to wait. :(

In other news: This week we had our visit from Elder Alonso from the 70, which was a really inspiring meeting! I learned a ton and my singing wasn't a total disaster! :) In the chapel where we met for the meeting Hna Bernards and I found a random room with leather couches and we got so excited. They hardly ever have couches here, and if they have them they're old and they don't smell good. It was a blessed few minutes sitting on those!
During lunch, Hermana Wilsynn Wheat (she was Hna Bernards' trainer) was sitting across from me, and she swallowed some of her juice wrong and spit it all over me. We were dying of laughter for awhile. It's a good thing I really love her.

On the down side, my butt got grabbed (grabbed, not slapped--I feel super degraded) by a stranger again this week--except it wasn't a bunch of teenagers, it was a full grown man on his own. Hna Bernards literally had to grab my arm to keep me from hitting the guy. At least we were prepared this time and yelled at him in Spanish so he fully understood how ticked we were. Anyways, so President changed our hours and we're in the house at 8 instead of 9:30 and we're limited to walking a very safe area after dark. Yay!

I also wanted to give a quick Spanish update! I think I was waiting for the Spanish to ¨click¨, and now I've realized it's just going to slowly come over time with practice. It's frustrating when I can't express what I want to and not understanding everything is hard, but I can see all the progression I'm making and I'm happy to be moving forward so fast :) The gift of tongues is real! It really is amazing how much I've learned in these short two months!

I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on the planet to like Latin music, but it's not so bad when you can sort of understand what they're saying! There is this great song they're playing called Bailando (means Dancing), I think, by Enrique Iglesias (which makes it even better because I hate Enrique Iglesias) if you want to look it up! Hopefully it's not dirty... I can't understand all of it! haha (Mother's note: It's as clean as Enrique Iglesias can be!)

Well, thank you for all the emails this week! I'll respond back next week hopefully! I am so grateful for all the support I have back home :) Love you!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Michelle Gubler

Dinner an investigator made. Still adjusting to the food - thank heaven for rice!

Hair bows made by members. They take such good care of us!
Hna Wilsynn Wheat, Hna Naomi Beatty, Michelle, and Hna Alex Bernards

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