Monday, October 6, 2014


That is dragon fruit ice cream. It was delicious.
Wasn't conference great?? I listened in Spanish, so I had to focus 100% of the time to understand (and some I couldn't because holy cow those translators talk fast!) so I really got a lot out of it. I loved the two talks that were delivered in Spanish too! I hope they keep with that tradition :) The downside is we were only able to bring 1 investigator to conference. We dropped most of our investigators when they didn't go, which was really sad. But I know if we continue to pray and ask for the Lord's guidance we can find those who are ready. But I want to tell you a story about the 1 girl, Jamilet, who went:

Early in the week, we contacted a couple (Jamilet and Davin) in the street and gave them a spur-of-the-moment tour of the church. They really liked it and Davin whispered to Jamilet near the end of the tour, "Beautiful, right?". So we took down their address and went to find them later in the week, super excited to teach them. But as we went to look for their house, we realized we took down the address wrong and were missing the reference point. All we knew is that they lived in a neighborhood called Camilo Ortega. There are two streets which are part of Camilo Ortega separated by another street with a different name. Anyway, we started asking people on the street if they knew them, no one did, so pretty soon it was clear we were gonna need a miracle to find them. I suggested we say a prayer so we found a little alleyway where there weren't any people and we prayed. I asked for the Lord's help in finding them, and told Him we would talk to every person to do it. After the prayer we went back out to the main street and the first person we saw was a little girl. We asked her and she didn't know them. Then a young guy came up the street and we asked him and he said he didn't know anyone on the street with those names. (At this point we're thinking we should just go to the other Camilo Ortega street, because everyone knows everyone here.) Then a lady came up the street at the same time we noticed a lady at her window so we split to ask them both. I went to the lady at the window, who was on the phone. I thought, "This is awkward. I don't really want to interrupt her" ...but I said we would talk to everyone. So I waited till she could pause and I asked if she knew anyone by the name of Jamilet. She put one finger up as if to say 'just a minute.' Next thing we see is Jamilet's face pop up in the window. We both just turned to each other and our jaws dropped. We literally had been talking to people and asking for her right in front of her house and they didn't know her (the odds of that are next to nothing) and if we hadn't talked to EVERY person, like I asked, we wouldn't have found her. I know the Lord wanted us to find this family, and he was able to help us because we asked. And if we follow through EXACTLY with our promises, He can work miracles for us.

In other news, the rain here is crazy and hates us, we got free bread from boys hitting on us, I had a dream Steven started producing cocaine, I see lots of people here in CAT hats and tee shirts (and think of Dad every time), we found this pico place that has the best honey picos ever, and I was able to buy you all Christmas presents :) Sorry that's not detailed, but I'm out of time! Love you all and hope to hear from you all this week!

Sister Gubler

Jamilet with her daughter Wuendy :)

Baptisms of people I taught in Villa Venezuela! I wish I could have been there for them :´) Mario y Moises.

Fanny's Baptism

Maryurie's Baptism
The little friend we found in our local grocery store :)
Flowers from the garden of our lunch cita! She has the PRETTIEST garden!
Cactus from the garden of the lunch cita
More cacti from the garden of the lunch cita
We went hiking this week. Throught that. SO COOL!
Another picture from the hike.
 My farmers tan is supppeeerrrr bad! (YES)

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  1. Your little friend is called a bearded dragon!! They are harmless!! I used to have several as pets!!