Saturday, October 4, 2014

Peeing in Public and Kissing Catastrophes

Michelle on splits with Mueller (her companion from the MTC)
Now that subject line got your attention, didn't it??

First, peeing. We have a ton of meetings this week we had to go to, and to get there we have to take these public transport buses that are exactly the same as school buses. We were in one for 2.5 hours on Tuesday, and about a half hour in I realized I hadn't peed in about 12 hours. It was super painful. At about an hour in, when it was dark and everyone was asleep, I woke up my comp and told her I was about to die. So we pulled out my little emergency funnel thing (Mom, I am so glad you made me buy that) and I peed in a Gatorade bottle super subtly. And I only got a little on my skirt! I'm not sure if that story was appropriate to share but it was the craziest adventure I've had so far. #WhenInNicaragua

And kissing catastrophes. It's no secret that people kiss each other in greeting in Latin America, but usually that's just for females, right? Wrong. Sometimes the guys lean in to kiss your cheek too, and we have to super awkwardly lean back and be like, nope! and they get all super embarrassed. Well, this week one guy leaned in super fast and I didn't really get the chance to lean back. So I just went with it. And then my comp had to awkwardly refuse and basically it was just extremely and painfully awkward. Who knew I would kiss more guys on a mission than at home!

Also, I spoke in church yesterday for 10 whole minutes. In Spanish. Round of applause anyone??

And this past week was my Cumplemes! Happy 3rd month! And I happened to be on divisions that day with... Hermana Muller! She and I got to celebrate together! It was so cool to do divisions with her and to see ourselves, two white girls who had never been out of the country only three months ago, functioning and teaching lessons totally on our own in the middle of Nicaragua. We've come a long way in these three months! (See photo!)

And one last fun story! I was surprised to look out our window yesterday and see the Grandpa of a member of our ward in Villa Venezuela (my last area). I went out and talked to him and found out our land lady is his sister! And he brought his grand-daughter (who's the member) Leyla, with him! Hna Bernards and I did divisions with her before, it was so nice to see her again! The world is seriously tiny.

Well that's all for this week! Love you!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Michelle and Wilkins (her other MTC companion)

Michelle and Mueller on splits

Hermana Mueller's apartment view

Some of Michelle's package - only took 2 months! And nothing was stolen! :)

The lush countryside of Jinotega

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