Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fat Barbie and Chubby Ballerina on the Struggle Bus

Baptism of Denzel [Washington]--just kidding but we call him that :)
Probs should explain the subject line... Basically after I found out how much weight I've gained and since my comp is heading home in 3 weeks we decided to attempt to eat decently. It didn't work. But in the process some members gave me the nickname Fat Barbie (I get called a Barbie everyday) and we decided Hermana Wheat could be Chubby Ballerina since she rocks the ballerina bun everyday. And we're both on the struggle bus because... well... we struggle. #FATFORLIFE

On a happier note... this week we baptized Denzel! He's an adorable 8 year old who's sister was a menos activo (less active). He just reminds me of a little Pixar character or something! I love him. 

And on a really sad note... We were in a taxi a few days ago when we turned onto a dark street and saw a dog in front of us. The taxi driver didn't even flinch and revved it right over the thing. We heard it scream and yelp and I FELT IT UNDER THE CAR. We drove away and it was lying in the road. I was tempted to tell the guy he was in danger of eternal punishment for having such a dark soul. It was awful. 

And one more mas o menos sad note, there's another Latin song I'm obsessed with called Corre Corazon by Jesse and Joy. Don't watch the music video or you'll cry. We saw it in a restaurant and I wanted to cry. But I love it a lot. 

I'll end with the thought that these past few weeks I've really come to understand better the difference that our faith makes. If we believe, really believe, that something will happen, it will! The Lord helps us with ALL our righteous desires. The gospel is so true :) Christ is our Savior and this is His work! 

My comp just fell out of her chair so I better go help her... Have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Gubler
We found this kid in the street with an EFY tee!

This is super old, but these were my companions for one day :) Hermana Cara Behan is on the left and Hna Belany Alan is on the right

And these are our rivalry tees. Go Stallions. hhahaha

Our converts Catherine and Tania trying on our tags, they want to serve missions one day! :´)

And our christmas tree with the only ornaments we have :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cockroaches, Baptisms, and Fun Facts

Martinez Family Baptism
Finally a normal week!! But as a Missionary nothing's really normal. Lives to change errrry day. I love it so much. But first!!

Well, I figure there are a few things about Nicaragua that are now so normal for me you all should know.....

1. they eat everything with a spoon. including chicken.
2. they make homemade juice everyday. YUM.
3. they sweep their dirt. then water it. don't ask
4. they eat rice like it's going out of style.
5. ketchup is a kitchen staple. have it or die. there's literally an aisle for it... and canola oil. And I wonder why I've gained so much weight. (I weighed myself this week and held back tears. All of you will be dieting and exercising with me when I get home.... prepare yourself.)

More next week :)

In other news:

My comp keeps calling me by her best friend Lucy's name because apparently we're pretty alike. She's named Lucy Scholl and has songs on iTunes. Look her up. (Mom's note: I looked her up and she has a beautiful cover of the song Glorious that's at the end of Meet the Mormons.)

Found a cockroach the size of my missionary tag in the sink. I caught it in a Pringles can and started hyperventilating. Awful experience. (See photo below.)

Someone we contacted in the street showed up to church.... and asked me where he could BUY a Book of Mormon. BUY. Every missionary's dream. So stoked to teach him. He's a little weird though. In a good way. Maybe.

Taught English class. I feel so smart.

My FAVORITE family, Elaine and Otto, came to church. Pray for them. They need answers. I can seriously imagine them as my life-long friends. I love them so much. He speaks English too so that's always fun...

And the rest of the Martinez family got baptized! :) Oh gosh, they are so happppppy. And ME TOO.

Well, I love you all! The CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!! 

Hermana Gubler

Martinez Family Baptism
This is Elder Ward, who's a greenie in our ward. Everyone asks if we're siblings and its hilarious.
View out our door. :)

Sunset at the stake center :)

And the cockroach. Gag.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sick Week with Grandma

Kids of German Pomares. So cute!
My mission Grandma, Wilsynn Wheat (the lime juice story one, yeah??) She was going to train a greenie this transfer but the night before the greenie was supposed to arrive, the CCM called us to tell us she wasn't coming... So Hermana Wheat had a 'still born'! Hahaha! (Not sure if that joke was appropriate... My judgement of social adequacy is out the window.) (Mom's Note: A 'stillborn' is mission jargon for a missionary who goes through the MTC but then decides not to go on the mission.) So anyways, the APs and I were the only triplet in the mission, so I had some emergency changes (literally 12 hours after unpacking... kill me!) and I am now back in Villa Flor! I am in the area Los Laureles, which borders Villa Venezuela. (And I may or may not visit my recent converts who are on the edge every once in a while.) I seriously love Hna. Wheat and we are having a blast and I am learning a ton from her! And her Spanish is flawless. She's a TL too so we get to do divisions a lot so that'll be fun! And her grandpa lives on Millcreek Way in Tooele so small world! And she is seriously so funny and we just have a blast. She's also dying this transfer and we're trying extra hard not to be trunkie. BUT we're overcoming any of that with our baptismal goal for this transfer... 14 people! And we are so doing it. And speaking of baptisms...

This week we baptized the CUTEST family. It was seriously a miracle that their baptism happened this week, but we had faith that it would happen and it did! It was the coolest experience. 

On a lower note, I decided to be stupid and forgot to bless my street fresco (juice) and was puking my guts out within two hours and for the rest of the day. And all of it made it in the toilet or trash except for once. And my comp was sick and couldn't smell anything so she cleaned it up for me. What a gem. 

Well, I have definitely gained a testimony of the Lord's ability to help us make things happen if we are willing to believe that He can! I love this work and the church is true!

Love you and miss you and hope to hear from you all! Seriously though, my inbox has been so empty lately... Thanks for the love. Just kidding. But really.

Have a great week! XOXO

Baptism! Tania is the youngest, Patricia is second youngest, the oldest is Ester

Freydel's Baptism

Freydel's Baptism

District in Matagalpa

Hermana Arcia and the dress I had made (for $10)

CINNABON!!!!! We got to visit the mall this PDay and I was SO EXCITED!