Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cockroaches, Baptisms, and Fun Facts

Martinez Family Baptism
Finally a normal week!! But as a Missionary nothing's really normal. Lives to change errrry day. I love it so much. But first!!

Well, I figure there are a few things about Nicaragua that are now so normal for me you all should know.....

1. they eat everything with a spoon. including chicken.
2. they make homemade juice everyday. YUM.
3. they sweep their dirt. then water it. don't ask
4. they eat rice like it's going out of style.
5. ketchup is a kitchen staple. have it or die. there's literally an aisle for it... and canola oil. And I wonder why I've gained so much weight. (I weighed myself this week and held back tears. All of you will be dieting and exercising with me when I get home.... prepare yourself.)

More next week :)

In other news:

My comp keeps calling me by her best friend Lucy's name because apparently we're pretty alike. She's named Lucy Scholl and has songs on iTunes. Look her up. (Mom's note: I looked her up and she has a beautiful cover of the song Glorious that's at the end of Meet the Mormons.)

Found a cockroach the size of my missionary tag in the sink. I caught it in a Pringles can and started hyperventilating. Awful experience. (See photo below.)

Someone we contacted in the street showed up to church.... and asked me where he could BUY a Book of Mormon. BUY. Every missionary's dream. So stoked to teach him. He's a little weird though. In a good way. Maybe.

Taught English class. I feel so smart.

My FAVORITE family, Elaine and Otto, came to church. Pray for them. They need answers. I can seriously imagine them as my life-long friends. I love them so much. He speaks English too so that's always fun...

And the rest of the Martinez family got baptized! :) Oh gosh, they are so happppppy. And ME TOO.

Well, I love you all! The CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!! 

Hermana Gubler

Martinez Family Baptism
This is Elder Ward, who's a greenie in our ward. Everyone asks if we're siblings and its hilarious.
View out our door. :)

Sunset at the stake center :)

And the cockroach. Gag.

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