Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fat Barbie and Chubby Ballerina on the Struggle Bus

Baptism of Denzel [Washington]--just kidding but we call him that :)
Probs should explain the subject line... Basically after I found out how much weight I've gained and since my comp is heading home in 3 weeks we decided to attempt to eat decently. It didn't work. But in the process some members gave me the nickname Fat Barbie (I get called a Barbie everyday) and we decided Hermana Wheat could be Chubby Ballerina since she rocks the ballerina bun everyday. And we're both on the struggle bus because... well... we struggle. #FATFORLIFE

On a happier note... this week we baptized Denzel! He's an adorable 8 year old who's sister was a menos activo (less active). He just reminds me of a little Pixar character or something! I love him. 

And on a really sad note... We were in a taxi a few days ago when we turned onto a dark street and saw a dog in front of us. The taxi driver didn't even flinch and revved it right over the thing. We heard it scream and yelp and I FELT IT UNDER THE CAR. We drove away and it was lying in the road. I was tempted to tell the guy he was in danger of eternal punishment for having such a dark soul. It was awful. 

And one more mas o menos sad note, there's another Latin song I'm obsessed with called Corre Corazon by Jesse and Joy. Don't watch the music video or you'll cry. We saw it in a restaurant and I wanted to cry. But I love it a lot. 

I'll end with the thought that these past few weeks I've really come to understand better the difference that our faith makes. If we believe, really believe, that something will happen, it will! The Lord helps us with ALL our righteous desires. The gospel is so true :) Christ is our Savior and this is His work! 

My comp just fell out of her chair so I better go help her... Have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Gubler
We found this kid in the street with an EFY tee!

This is super old, but these were my companions for one day :) Hermana Cara Behan is on the left and Hna Belany Alan is on the right

And these are our rivalry tees. Go Stallions. hhahaha

Our converts Catherine and Tania trying on our tags, they want to serve missions one day! :´)

And our christmas tree with the only ornaments we have :)

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