Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'M A MOM!!!

Michelle and Hermana Wheat
(Mother's note: Mission Lingo - Dead means they're going home this transfer, killing someone means you are their last companion and will be sending them home, having a baby or becoming a mom means you're going to train a new missionary, and a grandmother is someone who trained your trainer. Hope that helps!)

I'm going to borrow the idea from a friend and start my email with a quote of the week, which was said by my dear, dead companion Hermana Wheat. ¨Ugh, I hate it when the policemen look at me all gross. How can I feel safe if they're willing to rape me too??¨ HAHA! I was dying. But don't worry. I can feel the angels around us. I couldn't be more safe :)

BUT HEY! The best news of the week is that on the same day that I officially kill my grandmother, I'm going to receive my first daughter!! I'm going to train!! WHAT. I barely know this language and I've only been here for 5 months! I feel so privileged The craziest part?? I dont know who I'm training. President isn't going to choose their trainer this time until he meets them in their first interview. But there are 3 gringas coming in and 1 Latina. I told Pres I wanted the Latina. hahaha We'll see. 

In other news, we completed the transfer with only 7 baptisms. BUT we put the goal of 7 more for December so we're going to have faith we see 14 soon :)

Also, killing someone who has been in their area forever sucks because EVERYONE Wanted to give us food this weekend. I'm pretty sure I gained 5 more pounds. At one couple's house, between Wheat and me, we're pretty sure we ate an entire cow. And fermented OJ. It's fine because we prayed over it. haha 

Wasn't the christmas devotional perfect?? I got to watch in English, so that was super fun! I love Christmas. #HEISTHEGIFT 

Also there is this Holiday for Mary called Purisima (means Very Pure) and they go crazy for it here. Everyone was running around with fireworks and going door to door praying at Mary shrines. See photo. It's super sad. And gross. Even if Christmas in the states is commercialized at least Satan isn't diverting so much attention to Christ's mother like he does here. But it's ok. We'll teach them all :) 

And the other photo is of the best zone EVER!! 

Till next week!
Love, Hermana Gubler
Best zone EVER!!


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