Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Christmas party with my lovely compa, Hermana Hatt. Also that was the first time I curled my hair in 5 months! Isn't it long and blonde and healthy! YAY
Can we just take a moment and appreciate that on the 25th of December I have my 6th cumplemes (Mom's note: rough English equivalent is month-versary), I complete one third of my mission, I GET TO SKYPE HOME, and it's Christmas Day?? So stoked. Time seriously flies. Oh, and I got letters and packages yesterday! THANK YOU, MOM!! I LOVE YOU! But I won't open it till Christmas morning :)

First off, shoutout to Momma Ward! Your son is seriously the funniest Elder ever. I'm so grateful to have him in our ward because there's never a dull moment with him. Also, he loves you A LOT. And thanks for the packages, because we're definitely going to make him share ;)

Well, I wanted to fill you in a bit on how cool my hija is (Hermana Hatt). She's from Green River Utah and she's graduated from college! She went to SUU and majored in Elementary Ed! She taught school this past year and has taught English in China! Isn't she cool?? And she's great because we all know how patient I am with children (that would be 0) so she helps me. :) I am having such a blast with her!

This week hasn't exactly been the easiest, we had to drop a lot of investigators and kind of start anew. (Ellayne and Otto and Mirna we are going to leave for a little bit. It breaks my heart.) but we're super grateful because despite it all the Lord is still a Lord of miracles and we get to see them daily. This week we left our phone in the grass and couldnt find it later, and we were pretty upset about it. It's basically impossible to function without a phone and ESPECIALLY without all the contacts because ward directories dont really exsist here. But my comp prayed we could figure things out, and the next day the guy who found it got it back to us!! IN NICARAGUA!! He was from a poor area and definitely could have benefited from selling that phone somewhere, but he returned it anyway. The Christmas spirit is real. Christ is real. I love this place.

Well in other news the new Taylor Swift songs make me trunkie like no other and so does the Love Story/Viva La Vida piano mix by John Schmidt because it makes me miss my best friend. And we watched the Maze Runner for the mission Christmas party yesterday. Why all the Elders voted for that over Frozen will confuse me forever but it's fine. It was fun. Just wish I would have finished the book in 9th grade. haha

I love you all and hope you have a merry, Christ-centered Christmas. HE IS THE GIFT!! See you Thursday!! 

Hermana Michelle Gubler

With my mom (Trainer - Hermana Bernards)
Christmas party with my would-be companions Hermana Behan and Alan. Love them.
 Bathroom selfie with my sister :)

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