Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Somos Las Manos de Cristo

Mary and Maryurie and family! Her baby is the cutest thing ever. Miss them.
Thanks for the birthday emails! It was so good to hear from you :) My birthday passed pretty simply... My comp put balloons and signs all over the place while I was sleeping. Apparently I woke up and looked straight at her but I don't remember so it's fine. Greatest surprise :) And then we went to Subway and investigators and members wished me a happy birthday throughout the day. I can't believe I'm 20. Like what?? It's even weirder that I'll be 21 when I leave. WHAT. But the time seriously flies. I love it here! It goes too fast.

This week I got to go on exchanges with my would-be companion Hermana Alan! She is the most POWERFUL teacher. And I also went on exchanges with... Hermana Bernards! In Villa Venezuela! I got to see all my recent converts and it was seriously the best day. I could just see the difference in their eyes. The gospel really does change people. 

We also had stake conference this week all about missionary work and it was SO GREAT! Just a challenge for ya'll... go find out who the missionaries are for our stake and instead of praying for all the missionaries in general in your prayers, start praying for them by name! Offer to help them in any way that they need. I know we live in Utah but really. Pilas (cook, awesome, fantastic) members make all the difference. 

And last I want to finish with a neat story... Hna Wheat and I went to go visit a menos activo (less active) family this week, and when we got there we found out that they had just gotten the news that their cousin had been kidnapped and her sister was found half dead in Guatamala. We were able to pray with them and offer our support. The next day we went back and the mom told us, after I asked how she could tell that Christ loved her, that every time something bad has happened in her family the missionaries have unexpectedly shown up at their door. She knew Christ loved her because He always sent the missionaries when she most needed to feel loved. I love the opportunity that I have to be a servant of the Lord in this way. This really is His work and His church! 

Love, Hermana Gubler

My compas decorations for my birthday. She put them up at night. What a gem.

My favorite is the balloon that says pretend this is an anthro dress. Love her.
And Fanny! Miss her too.

Ice cream with dry mormon investigators.

Naum wanted hermana wheats hair.

Cairito, Valeria's kid. he cried when he saw me.

Hermana Willardson y yo :) Love her.

My mama y mi hermana!!!
(Hermana Bernards - 1st companion and Hermana Wilkins -Bernard's current companion)

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