Monday, December 15, 2014

Training and Christmas and Baptisms, Oh my!

 My lovely hija (daughter - mission slang for trainee) and me on her first day here :)
SHE'S WHITE!!! President emailed me this week and told me he and the Lord trust in me and to keep doing what I'm doing... and that eventually I'll have a Latina companion. Hahaha. But Hermana Hatt is so fun! We're having a blast! It's a little stressful jumping from Junior companion to a trainer but I'm handling it. We have a goal in the mission for every companionship to baptize 3 people in December, and I'm really hoping we achieve it. We have a lot of super cool families that are right on that edge... Keep Mirna and Elaine and Otto in your prayers that they'll know that this is the step they need to take :) They need them! And also my ability to speak Spanish... I'm pretty functional and I understand almost everything.. But since I'm teaching instead of learning right now I could definitely use the prayers! ;) haha

I'm not sure what else to say! It's been a pretty crazy but fairly uneventful week! I just know that God loves His children and that I am so blessed because I get to help Him show that love through teaching the gospel here in Nicaragua. :) Have a great week!

Hermana Michelle Gubler
First day! ¨We are the Hands of Christ¨

And some lovely ladies from the zone :) Oh yeah! Hermana Wilkins is in my old area in Villa Venezuela! So fun :)

Missionary groupie :)

Nica selfie with some other missionaries
Forgot this one last week. Rice babies. Hahaha

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