Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pig Skin, Volcanoes, and Perspective

Hope everyone had a great new year! Ours passed pretty uneventfully, seeing we had to be in bed at 10:30. But I did have some sparkling grape juice! It wasn't very good but oh well!

Quote of the week goes to my hija again, "At least in the United States the bugs sort of respect you." True that, sister. She also bore her testimony this week in church, still learning Spanish and everything. So proud. She's awesome.

Yesterday we had a big zone activity and went to Leon to see the volcano and museum and beach there, it was a blast! Hence the late email, sorry! I have some sweet photos but we're in a weird cyber today so they'll have to wait.

OH and I ate a thing called Chicharon this week. It's fried pig skin. And it's hairy and disgusting. Count your blessings children. God bless the USA.

But the thing I really wanted to write about today was an exchange I had with Hermana Behan this week. I really just love her. She reminds me a ton of Jacquelyn. While I was studying and working with her, I was able to put some things together in my mind that really have changed my desire to consecrate all to the Lord here on the mission. I was really sad not to baptize anyone in December. We had worked so hard and had so many people who were ready for it, but we didn't baptize at all. I was really disappointed in myself and I let myself get discouraged. I was wondering what I should have done differently, and with Hermana Behan I realized what I think went wrong. Like it says in D&C 12:7-8, no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love. I think I started to believe in my own abilities and forgot I really don't do any of the the converting. I got a little prideful for different reasons that don't matter, but I'm now understanding what it really means to leave it all behind and go to work. I wish I had time to explain more and better, but just know that I really know that Christ is the driving force behind this all. We can do nothing without faith in Him.

Have a wonderful week! Love you!
Hermana Michelle Gubler

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