Monday, January 19, 2015


Monopoly in only Spanish for language practice :)
Welp! Nothing has changed!! This is a first! I'm staying in Los Laureles with Hermana Hatt and I'm so excited :) But of those who are changing my sister, Hna Walker is training right after finishing her training in Villa Venezuela (!!) and Hna Wilkins is leaving my district to go be a TL for Managua. So excited for them :) But basically other than that my district is almost completely the same! Fun fun. 

I just have to tell you about the coolest family ever from last week! They're getting baptized this weekend :) Their names are Martha and Miguel and they're literally the most prepared family I've met on the mission (Random side note, WHEAT (Mom's note: Hna Wheat is a previous companion that has returned home) -- she's a friend of Xocilth, that menos activo  who lives by the park that always committed and never came?? Yeah, that's how we found her. Who'd a thunk??). She loves to feed us (EVERY DAY) and they're already full and active participating members of the church. We met her less than 2 weeks ago. How?! They're amazing. 

In other news... President changed how we accounted for numbers and it's super cool. We made some goals for this transfer on a huge calender for our wall and I am seriously just so stoked. Hermana Hatt is the best. I love this mission. And I love it here so much. The church is trueee!! 

Hermana Gubler
A good old lunch from Conny :) I LOVE VEGETABLES

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