Monday, February 16, 2015

Casi Nica (Almost Nicaraguan)

Alejandra and I have the same backpack! It's actually like a ¨cool kid¨ thing to have a "Totto" backpack apparently. I bought the cool brand and didn't even know it. haha 

First off-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!! I cannot believe you are 18. Like when did this happen?? Yesterday we were still living in that old house, playing outside, climbing trees and now we're serving missions!! What is this??

We had an interesting week filled with some odd experiences... Just to name a few...

We accidentally started contacting a weirdo who wanted to tell us how pretty we were. It happens more than it should. The men here are creeps. 

I made a parallel to the Bachelorette... Emily's season... best to date... to help Ellayne understand how she can feel more comfortable with baptism. PRAY FOR HER!! SHE'S ALMOST THERE!! She knows it's true. Por fin.

I had my hand kissed by an old man in a street contact. It was great. And wet. 

We ran away from a drunk and kind of just burst into the living room of a nearby member's house to avoid him. They laughed pretty hard.

And last, but not least... Mom you remember that weird thing on my leg I told you about?? They're stretch marks. Yeah. I have gained so much weight and my body doesn't handle it well. It's fine though. I keep saying... I AM NOT HERE TO BE PRETTY over and over again. Hahaha

Ok, well I really just love the mission. With all of the doubts and the hard days and the struggles, it still is the best experience I have had. I have learned more here than like all of high school and college combined. I really just know myself and Heavenly Father so much better because I am here. I love it with all my heart. 

And I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

I didn't buy the jersey deal because I already spend enough on other crap. So I'm the odd one out with Hermana Tobar.

MILKY smile!!

I have a lot of bug bites. Les encanta mi sangre... (They love my blood...)

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