Monday, February 2, 2015

January 26, 2015

This is the cutest couple ever. Pedro and Virginia. This was taken on my last weekend with Wheat when they fed us a cow. Pedro passed away this morning. He said to her, "Voy a verte aya" before he died. "I'll see you there." They were together for 70 something years (no, literally) but never had the money to go to the temple. I hope the ward can help her to be able to go so they can be sealed before she passes on. So grateful for eternal families.
Quote of the week goes to Hermana Hatt: "Sometimes I wish we could just ride on a cloud from cita to cita and then I wouldn't be so tired and we wouldn't even have to contact people because they would contact us because we would be on a flying cloud!" True that. I love her so much.

Other thoughts from the week:

Creole is sick. It's like English... but not. Like I understand sort of... but I don't. So bizarre.

Sometimes we get into taxis playing English radio and sometimes they play "Rude" by Magic and Hna Hatt and I jam out and the taxista thinks we're nuts. Well, that was just one time but it was really great.

We have these "Sin Verg├╝enza" (without embarrassment) goals as a mission and one of them was to contact a sports team and we totes did it and it was awkward and awesome. No fear.

We had 7 people in church yesterday! Martha and Miguel ended up needing another week so they're getting dunked this Saturday. Then we had another family of three who are the CUTEST!! The daughters are BEAUTIFUL and all the young men were asking for their names. Haha, deacons. And this brother-sister pair named Juan and Anna came who are super fun. Juan is an atheist. Yeah, we're teaching him. I have no idea what I'm doing because NO ONE here doesn't believe in God. And I thought Juan was gay when I met him. Turns out he's not. He's very much straight. And just a little muso. It's fine. hahaha

One of the Elders in our ward, Elder Ward, got stung by a scorpion this week and he was a little drunk-like in church. Don't worry he's fine. 

Sometimes the elders make my week by texting me bachelor quotes. Photo attached. #WinningInEveryWay

Sorry my weekly emails are so 'Hi/Bye' because I really just have zero time, like at all. But I love you all so much! The gospel is true!!

Hermana Gubler
Bachelor Quote from Elders :)

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