Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Priesthood and Power

Martha and Miguel's Baptism

This week we had one of the best baptisms I have gotten to take part in... it was seriously a miracle. The morning of the baptism Martha told us she felt really sick and wanted to wait to get baptized till next week. We had a nice deep conversation and I told her that it was important that she got baptized with Miguel and how we can't put off the things the Lord wants us to do, so we decided to pray. Afterwards she said she knew she needed to get baptized, but she still felt physically awful. So we had the Elders and a guy in the ward give her a blessing. She immediately felt better and was baptized without a problem. Afterwards she told me she couldn't feel any pain at all. Miracle.

And another story a little more personal involving priesthood blessings this week. We were on our way to Scarlet's house and I started to feel something horrible. Like it was a physical, dark, pressure on my chest. I figured I was having a mental breakdown or something had happened at home. So I started freaking out a little. I called Hna Bernards because she was on an exchange back in Villa Venezuela and then went back to the house. We sang hymns and prayed that the feeling would go away. It didn't. I was staring at the telephone waiting to get a call saying something had happened at home. But at the same time I was totally calm and my pulse and breathing were normal... but this feeling was so tangible and horrid. So Elder Knight (one of our zone leaders) and another Elder from Villa Venezuela came up with Hermana Bernards and Hermana Walker and Elder Knight gave me a blessing. By the end of the blessing, the feeling was gone. It. Was. Gone. It was seriously one of the most drastic changes, it was so strong and then totally gone. 

I know that the power of the priesthood is real. Like Dad has taught me, there is real power just in Christ's name alone. He lives. This is His gospel and His priesthood. I don't know what that feeling was but I'm pretty sure I know where it came from, and I know that Christ's name and His light cast out all fear. I am so blessed to be a missionary for His church and to see miracles on the daily. Thank you for all your support and all the emails! I have the best family and friends ever :)

Love you! Until next week!

Hermana Gubler

 P.S. Oh and Alejandra, who remember is 14, was up till 3am Saturday morning doing personal progress and asked for a triplet so she could read the scriptures from the Doctrine and Covenants. And she wants to serve a mission. And she was the first to get up for church on Sunday, which is something Scarlet said is a MIRACLE because she hates getting up early. And her dad and her aunt were making fun of her for going to church and--remember she is super shy--she stood up to both of them and said she wants to go and likes it a lot. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD WOULD I GET TO WATCH LIVES CHANGE LIKE THIS??

Martha and Miguel's Baptism

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