Monday, March 2, 2015

Lessons Learned and Hijas Gained

Pic from Nicaragua Managua North Mission's Facebook page

First off, the big news, I'M TRAINING AGAIN!!! Hermana Hatt is off to Chinandega and I will be getting my second daughter tomorrow! #PrayForALatina haha So excited.

Some of the lessons learned this week:

1. Don't go to the mall with your ward mission leader if his sister will be late because the AP (who you didn't ask permission from to go to the mall, I asked the other one) might be there to see you shopping with only a 21 year old guy. Because he'll probably call your ZL and you'll feel embarrassed for days. oops. haha

2. Don't play "Most Likely/Most" award games with your zone or you and the other blonde Elder might get voted as "novios" (boyfriend/girlfriend) because "their babies would be barbies" -_- never again.

3. Don't hug people from behind while they're eating soup or your hair might end up in it. But don't worry because Wendy continued to eat it. hahaha

But among the funny lessons I really just want to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve a mission and for the lessons that really have changed me. I've reflected on it a lot this week and I really feel so changed. Really the mission has enlightened my mind, has widened my perspective, and has changed my heart. I got to do divisions with Hermana Wilkins this week (I just love her so much) and it was just so cool to see how much we've changed since the CCM. Like so much! I just love this work and this country and these people and the Lord! Thank you for all the prayers for me and my companions and my investigators :) We really can feel them. ¡LES AMO TANTO!

Love Hermana Gubler

Another Facebook pic

 Zone pic :)
Elder Nelson, Elder Ward, Lehi (Ward Mission Leader), Michelle, and Hna Hatt

Allison apologizes for her shirt. Didn't have time to change. ahaha

Goodbyes to Hermana Hatt and Janzen :)

Mall adventures :)
Caterpillar is a big deal here, Dad. Who knew???
Goodbye photo with my dear Hatt :)

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