Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miracles, Machetes, and Missing Pizza Hut

First day with my baby :) (New companion Angie Ramos)
The big news this week is that Pizza Hut is closed for remodel right now so all the missionaries are suffering. Send prayers our way.

The smaller news is that we had an emergency meeting with all the sisters in Managua on Tuesday. We figured it would be a nice little motivating session for some of the sisters who had been feeling really trunkie. It wasn't. I've never been macheted harder! All the sisters are baptizing a ton less than the Elders, and usually it's the other way around. He talked about some of the sisters who recently finished their missions (he talked about Hna Wheat and I wanted to cry) and told us we need to step up to fill their shoes. It wasn't too bad for me particularly because at the beginning he said, Not all of you are failing right now, Hna Beckert is baptizing a ton where no one else did in that area, and Hna Gubler is doing everything really well, and Hna Auvua is baptizing where ever she goes. And then continued. It was like President knew I'm already hard enough on myself so I didn't feel worse. Haha. But anyways. It was great motivation. 

Also my companion is amazing. She is a champion. She's been through some hard stuff and is still the happiest and most kind person. I love her. I had a little breakdown this week cuz I´m a baby
(didn´t cry though. Like I have seriously developed the toughest skin here, I think it's impossible to cry while speaking Spanish or something) and she is just so supportive and amazing. 

We have three baptisms set up this week so pray all goes well for Martha (different one, there are a lot of Martha's here) Gabriel, and Hendry :) I really just love seeing people change. There's a light that comes into people's eyes as their faith grows. It's so neat. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

We have two problems: we don't throw out our old cereal boxes and we eat way too many frosted flakes.

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