Friday, March 27, 2015

Seatbelts, Liahonas, Hump Day, and Accountability

Baptism of Martha!! We´re praying the rest of her family. Sonia and Donnovan, get baptized this week with two others we're teaching, Hendry and Gabriel. Keep them in your prayers! Also Ellayne has a fecha (baptism date) for the 11th of April. I know it's crazy that I have taught her the entire time I've been in Los Laureles but I just love her too much to leave her. She is so incredible. Pray for her too!!

A few interesting things happened this week.

1. Saw a dead man in the street. Like, eyes and jaw open. The works. The cops were filling out some paperwork off to the side. Like. Scarring. Also funerals here are so scary. If you never have to go to one consider yourself lucky.

2. Got to wear a seat beat in a Taxi this week and it felt so good. I think it's worth mentioning because I never realized how much I would miss seat belts. I love them!

3. Was lucky enough to get a copy of this month's Liahona in English and I read a sweet article called Satan's Rebellion that I suggest you all read. It's solid. Also, I just miss seminary so much. Aprovechen, children. (Take advantage, children.)

4. Pizza Hut is still closed. We're frantically looking for alternatives but no one delivers here. Like. Help.

Annnddddd.... in two days I reach halfway on my mission!! When did this happen???? It goes SO FAST: It was fast from day one. They say it only speeds up from here. Not excited. I love the mission with all my heart. 

I learned a great lesson this week about making excuses. I have noticed on the mission that the most successful missionaries are the ones who never use excuses, and I have tried hard to never use excuses in any situation. This week, though, I was reprimanded for a very small mistake, and it became very, very tempting to make excuses. My own words came to my mind as I started to form those thoughts and I realized I needed to choose repentance instead of rationalization. So I did. It was a small but powerful lesson for me.

I know that Heavenly Father lives and that He loves His children!!

Hermana Gubler

Zone conference

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