Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Enlightenment is Freedom

A throwback to the best one-shot selfie I've ever taken.  #Winning

Sorry for missing emailing last week, I ended up just emailing my parents because sometimes we just need that :) But I'm still in Los Laureles with my hija Hermana Ramos! I'll have seven and a half months here at the end of this change! Whooo! 

Well, they all told us that Semana Santa was the hottest week of the year. It was a lie. The days after have gotten worse and WORSE. The amount of sweat  I'm covered in at the end of the day is so unreal and so disgusting. All I want is to take showers all day... I'm so excited for the rain in May.

We're teaching a woman named Ivana who is extremely religiously intelligent. She's catholic, but she's read just about every Christian book that exists. I told her she's going to be a teacher in the church because she seriously knows SO MUCH. She told us this week that she had been praying for guidance on how to better serve others and make better use of her life and later in the afternoon we contacted her in the streets, and she figured that was her answer! I really just love the little miracles we get to take part in so often :)

Also I'm pretty sure the reason I'm still in Los Laureles is because we're teaching this man, Don Carlos, who is the husband and step father of some members, Eva and Rosa, who has NEVER wanted to listened to the missionaries, until us! He was very worried I was going to be changed and yesterday he prayed that we would continue to be here to teach him. So tender. I really do love this little piece of heaven.

I also have really learned this week that I'm a convert to the "Learning Heaven" and not "earning heaven" concept (See the Brad Wilcox "His Grace is Sufficient" talk I always quote). One thing the Nicas always say, "I like the ____ church so that's why I picked it" or "I don't like that your church believes _______". But unfortunately, the Lord didn't send us to earth to do what "we like". Christ was a perfect example of coming to do "His Father's Will", not His own. As fallen and carnal beings, what "we like" will rarely be what Heavenly Father expects of us. We are here to learn to love righteousness, because it often doesn't come naturally. We are free to choose eternal life or death (2 Nephi 10:23), but we will only want eternal life if we have learned heaven by aligning what we want with the Lord and His desires for us.

When I ever have doubts because "things don't feel right" I remind myself that we need to seek revelation the Lord's way because our feelings won't always tell us the truth. Heavenly Father loves his children, I know that! And we are so blessed to be on this earth learning His kingdom.

Until next week!

Hermana Gubler

A really ugly statue they put up.. The resolution is poor because it was taken on our phone since I'm scared to take my camera out in the street... haha

Ellayne's Birthday Party :)

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