Friday, April 17, 2015

Semana Santaaa

My beloved Auvu'a. She's the greatest.
(Mother's Note: Michelle didn't have time to write an email this week, but I hadn't posted last week's email yet, so here it is along with pictures from both weeks.)

So this week was the hottest and one of the weirdest weeks of my life. Jesus in caskets and processions and craziness. And like Nicaragua is famous for the cat calls and men trying to grab me but this week was unreal! Semana Santa is also vacation week so that means booze which means more painful encounters for girls with blonde hair. My favorite was a seemingly sober 20ish year old coming up to me and telling me I was pretty--the usual-- but as we started walking away like protocol he starts yelling at the top of his lungs, "TE AMO!!" which, being interpreted, is the "I love you" that they only use for their spouses or novios (boyfriend/girlfriend). EVERYONE was looking at me. It was great. Only in Nicaragua.

In other news my comp got deathly sick from street food this week so I painted my nails while she slept all Tuesday. It was great. First time they've been painted in 8 months! Now you all know how humble I live here. hahaha

And wasn't Conference just the best thing ever?? We got to watch it in English (YES) and the two in Spanish we watched in Spanish. Dieter is my favorite. It was so much like Brad Wilcox's famous Grace talk! No temple in Nicaragua though! Soon. Soon.

Also we had a baptism this week! The daughter of Martha, Sonia, and her son Donnovan got baptized on Friday. It was a miracle because the church didn't have water so we had to move the whole thing to the stake center but it all worked out. I love them so much :)

Annndd ELLAYNE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!! She's nervous so keep her in your prayers still. I am so excited for her! This is probably the biggest baptism of my mission because I just love her so so so so much and we've worked with her for so long! She is trying to move to the states this year so we'll see if you'll meet her in Nicaragua or in the USA, Mom and Dad. :)

Ok, well I love you all lots! Thanks for all the prayers! Make sure you read the Book of Mormon every day! There's such power in that book.

Hermana Gubler

The kids of my converts. So cute.

Did this french braid in my hair all by myself. Yeah. First one on my own hair ever.
Baptism of Ellayne

I love her SO MUCH!!!
Baptism of Gabriel from Saturday. :) He's a nephew of our first recent convert, Martha :) 

Saying goodbye to Elder Ward this morning! Please excuse my pajamas and bedhead. He and I have been here 6 months together and we've gotten to be really good friends. He's headed off to Leon to be a district leader! Now I'm literally the only American living in Villa Libertad. Hahhaa

AND I LOVE BUNNIES. And the dress I'm wearing cost $2.40. Winning.

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