Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weak Things Became Strong

Every day at lunch with Meraris and me. Since I am not allowed to hold her (mission rules) this is what we do like everyday.

This week started off with interviews with President which was really great for me. I asked about reaching my potential as a missionary and he just told me to stop worrying about my potential and focus on others, trusting that the Lord has my progress in His hands. That's like a ton condensed into one sentence but he was just really inspired with his answer. Christ has told me more than a few times in my life that the way to be whole and happy is to focus on others and it's sad how much He needs to remind me. But he's patient so it all works out :)

Other stories... My recent converts are so amazing. Donnovan, who is 9 years old, prayed in a lesson we brought him to with Ellayne and her son Farid that Farid could get baptized soon -- like straight out. I need to be as bold as this 9 year old who has been a member for literally a month. So cool.

Also we were walking home at night the other day and some insane guy comes around the corner with a mask and a Grim Reaper cape walking slowly towards us. Needless to say we ran like crazy all the way to the house. It was a mess. Oops.

And on the weak things becoming strong, my companion always talks about how amazed she is by my knowledge of the scriptures and where things are and how to apply the scriptures to people and answer their questions, which is awesome because I felt that was my weakest point before the mission! She also told me that Pres said that I was one of the best trainers the mission has to her in her interview. What?? Can we just remember for 2 seconds how impatient of a person I was 10 months ago?? Christ has really helped me change so much on the mission. I've still got a lot to go, but I have faith that all is possible with Him!!

Love you all and never forget I pray for you always!!

Love Hermana Gubler

I seriously have no photos so here's this great throwback to the CCM when I looked nice. :) haha

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