Monday, May 25, 2015

A Different Kind of Training!!

Los Laureles Goodbye Party!

So transfers came and you won't believe it but I'm headed back to Matagalpa!! ANNNDDD I got called to be a Sister Training Leader!! My companion is Hermana Valdez and she got here when I got to Los Laureles so this is probably her last transfer here. She's going to show me the ropes on being a mission leader and I just feel like a greenie all over again! Except for I can communicate so that's a plus. haha But Matagalpa is SO beautiful. And because I'll now be doing divisions to train the sisters I'll be visiting Esteli and Jinotega!! So I'll get to see Freydel and I'm so excited!! But seriously my mission has been so weird... 1 change in Villa Flor, 1 in Matagalpa, 5 in Villa Flor, ? in Matagalpa. Whoa. If we keep that pattern I would finish my mission here... weird thought. Oh yeah, and I hit 11 months today!! Wooo hooooo 

Kay, so leaving Los Laureles was the hardest thing. Ever. Like, I felt like I was leaving for the mission and saying goodbye to everyone all over again! They threw me a big goodbye party and all the members said things about me and some cried.. Including my hija (companion) who cried multiple times. Tender. They made Mexican style tacos because Lehi knows they're my favorite... And a bunch got me presents! It was seriously the cutest thing of my life. Ellayne said I was an angel that came into her life at the perfect time and brought her peace. Graisa said that I was responsible for bringing her back to church. Rosa said all missionaries are important but I especially have made a big impact on her life. Milton made me cry... This is why I came on a mission. It doesn't get better than this.

Well, I'm out of time so I just want to thank you for all the love and support. Pray for me as I learn how to be a leader here!! I love you tons!!

Hermana Gubler



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Preach My Gospel Tragedies Etc...

My Graisa. She got a job at a call center speaking english and I prepped her for the interview and she said she used like all the answers I gave her. Winning.

Well I'll start this week off with some bad but funny news. Long story short, I dropped my Spanish Preach My Gospel book (the one I've used and marked up my whole mission) in the toilet this week. And unfortunately that toilet had a lot more than water in it. (Remember how I said I have a parasite? Yeah it wasn't pretty. Sorry for the TMI.) So I get to start over. Joy. I guess it's a sign the Lord wants me to move on and read it in a new light. Looking on the bright side. haha

The good news is that I got to do exchanges twice this week (which were tender mercies) and one was with my dear Hermana Alán, who I love dearly. We did a big mix up activity and everyone was in different areas in Mangaua, with different leadership positions (I was Sister Training Leader for a day haha) and Hna Alán came here and just lifted my spirits and gave me a ton of practical advice on how to deal with harder compies. It was a great day.

And alsoooo basically all of our possibilities fell through these past two weeks, including Ivania and her family, which was really hard. I know she'll get baptized one day. But we do have two investigators preparing for baptism this weekend, here's to prayers all goes well!!

I also had a ton of weird dreams this week. Including one where I was talking to Christ in the temple about the Book of Mormon, which officially makes me a real Nica because they all have visions and crap down here. I think it's because they belong to a different tribe of Israel or something.. But anyway then the other dreams were about awkward dates, which I don't miss, and taking Madison to Paris. One day. haha

Also the parasite is making me lose weight (YES) but making me extremely tired and really hungry/nauseous so that's the downside. I'm going to the hospital in the next few days and they'll give me some pills... We'll see how that goes.

I'll finish with what I wrote to President this week:

These past few weeks have been the hardest of my mission emotionally, but this week really was a week of tender miracles. I couldn't begin to list them all. In all the heartbreak and hardships there is always a bright side. And I know after the trials come the greatest blessings. That hope keeps me going. Christ really has reached out to me so many times this past transfer to help me keep moving forward. His grace really is sufficient. 

He loves us so much. Here's to carrying on!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Fumigating for mosquitoes. They just kind of barge in and blow smoke that smells like death all over. It sucksss.

Meraris can almost walk by herself.

Finding Wonderland

(Mom's Note: I was out of town last week so I've posted two letters today.)
That is a real coconut with a real straw and I really drank it. Well a little bit of it. It's grosser than the Costco coconut milk, which is pretty nasty. hahaha

First big news is that we got a reference this week in this part of our area I had never been to because it's far away and I figured it was just farm area that was really, really poor so we've never been out there. Wellll, I was wrong, it's like a country club community! All the houses are separated (not stuck together like the rest of Nicaragua) and they have a ton of windows and yards with grass and cars and parks and RUGS. They all have internet and cable and couches and it's seriously nuts. We were blown away. It looks just like parts of St. George. And the reference is this lady who's named Ursula who is really, really special! We also have contacted some other really prepared people up there. Who'd a thunk??

And the other news is I think I might have a parasite. I'm looking into it. I'll  keep you updated. But hey, like it had to happen sometime or I couldn't really call myself a third-world missionary :) hahaha

On the spiritual note, this has definitely been the hardest transfer of my mission, for a few reasons, which I won't get into, but this week after talking with you all for Mother's Day I felt sooooo trunky. Which is lame because I've never felt trunky on the mission, even at the beginning. But passing through trials kind of makes you long for home. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I barely ate anything because I just totally lost my appetite. I was really struggling and just pouring out my heart in prayer this weekend. But Sunday morning, I woke up with energy and felt motivated and normal. For the first time in a good two weeks. I say it over and over again but really the Lord loves and is aware of His missionaries! He takes very good care of me. 

Thank you for all the prayers for my companion and for me :) We really can feel them.

Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Michelle Gubler
Nice neighborhood

Nice neighborhood

Monday, May 4, 2015

RAIN. That's about it.

Free mini Gatorade duffel I got at the grocery store today. Don't get too jealous.
It's been a pretty chill week. I had Allison buy me new flip flops because we live in them and mine from Frietas finally broke (BTW Dad tell Frietas thanks because I'm kind of in love with that brand now because the rubber never gets sunken and nasty--also they aren't cheap as I found out so tell him extra thanks hahaha) But in the picture you will see she picked out some extra special ones. Who doesn't love Peanuts?? haha

Annnnnddddd IT RAINED. HARD. TWICE. The rain has arrived. I am so happy. Like it's been so hot and humid that I literally have to put my facial lotion on right after I exit the shower because my face is dripping with sweat after about 1 minute. SO GROSS. AND SO WORTH IT. I love my job, it's the best in the world. :) I'm currently trying to upload a video about it on Dropbox so if that ends up working you'll be getting a lovely preview of my voice for this weekend... hahaha (Mom's note: it's at the bottom of the post.)

These past few weeks as I've been dealing with a bit of...adversity... I have really been thinking lots about perspective, mostly I got whipped into shape by my dear Hermana Wheat. She is a tender mercy. Love you dear. But yeah it's easy here to get caught up in petty things and numbers and just start to stress as you go through the motions. It kind of runs you down. It's interesting though, I've had to have a lot of patience with my companion, but every time that I think I'm to the end of my rope, something seems to give me just enough to continue in that moment. I know where that strength comes from, and it's a testament to me that Christ really takes care of His missionaries. As we ask, little by little, he opens our perspectives and changes our hearts. I know that! And I know that He loves each of us dearly. 

Oh and Happy Mothers Day to the best Mom in the world. Sorry to the others. She wins at everything. 

Love you! Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

Havaianas!! Best flip-flops ever!