Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finding Wonderland

(Mom's Note: I was out of town last week so I've posted two letters today.)
That is a real coconut with a real straw and I really drank it. Well a little bit of it. It's grosser than the Costco coconut milk, which is pretty nasty. hahaha

First big news is that we got a reference this week in this part of our area I had never been to because it's far away and I figured it was just farm area that was really, really poor so we've never been out there. Wellll, I was wrong, it's like a country club community! All the houses are separated (not stuck together like the rest of Nicaragua) and they have a ton of windows and yards with grass and cars and parks and RUGS. They all have internet and cable and couches and it's seriously nuts. We were blown away. It looks just like parts of St. George. And the reference is this lady who's named Ursula who is really, really special! We also have contacted some other really prepared people up there. Who'd a thunk??

And the other news is I think I might have a parasite. I'm looking into it. I'll  keep you updated. But hey, like it had to happen sometime or I couldn't really call myself a third-world missionary :) hahaha

On the spiritual note, this has definitely been the hardest transfer of my mission, for a few reasons, which I won't get into, but this week after talking with you all for Mother's Day I felt sooooo trunky. Which is lame because I've never felt trunky on the mission, even at the beginning. But passing through trials kind of makes you long for home. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I barely ate anything because I just totally lost my appetite. I was really struggling and just pouring out my heart in prayer this weekend. But Sunday morning, I woke up with energy and felt motivated and normal. For the first time in a good two weeks. I say it over and over again but really the Lord loves and is aware of His missionaries! He takes very good care of me. 

Thank you for all the prayers for my companion and for me :) We really can feel them.

Have a great week! Love you!

Sister Michelle Gubler
Nice neighborhood

Nice neighborhood

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