Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Preach My Gospel Tragedies Etc...

My Graisa. She got a job at a call center speaking english and I prepped her for the interview and she said she used like all the answers I gave her. Winning.

Well I'll start this week off with some bad but funny news. Long story short, I dropped my Spanish Preach My Gospel book (the one I've used and marked up my whole mission) in the toilet this week. And unfortunately that toilet had a lot more than water in it. (Remember how I said I have a parasite? Yeah it wasn't pretty. Sorry for the TMI.) So I get to start over. Joy. I guess it's a sign the Lord wants me to move on and read it in a new light. Looking on the bright side. haha

The good news is that I got to do exchanges twice this week (which were tender mercies) and one was with my dear Hermana Alán, who I love dearly. We did a big mix up activity and everyone was in different areas in Mangaua, with different leadership positions (I was Sister Training Leader for a day haha) and Hna Alán came here and just lifted my spirits and gave me a ton of practical advice on how to deal with harder compies. It was a great day.

And alsoooo basically all of our possibilities fell through these past two weeks, including Ivania and her family, which was really hard. I know she'll get baptized one day. But we do have two investigators preparing for baptism this weekend, here's to prayers all goes well!!

I also had a ton of weird dreams this week. Including one where I was talking to Christ in the temple about the Book of Mormon, which officially makes me a real Nica because they all have visions and crap down here. I think it's because they belong to a different tribe of Israel or something.. But anyway then the other dreams were about awkward dates, which I don't miss, and taking Madison to Paris. One day. haha

Also the parasite is making me lose weight (YES) but making me extremely tired and really hungry/nauseous so that's the downside. I'm going to the hospital in the next few days and they'll give me some pills... We'll see how that goes.

I'll finish with what I wrote to President this week:

These past few weeks have been the hardest of my mission emotionally, but this week really was a week of tender miracles. I couldn't begin to list them all. In all the heartbreak and hardships there is always a bright side. And I know after the trials come the greatest blessings. That hope keeps me going. Christ really has reached out to me so many times this past transfer to help me keep moving forward. His grace really is sufficient. 

He loves us so much. Here's to carrying on!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Fumigating for mosquitoes. They just kind of barge in and blow smoke that smells like death all over. It sucksss.

Meraris can almost walk by herself.

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