Monday, June 22, 2015

1 Year!

Best ice cream ever. B├ęsame means Kiss Me. haha

Whooo, this week has been a ride. We seriously have nothing... like 5 progressing investigators. One of which is an adorable 16 year old named Sherly who, if all goes well, is getting baptized this Saturday. But other than that we're like at ground zero! So lots of fasting and planning and praying this week! Asi es la vida misional! (That's mission life!)

One of the interesting things is that as I've had to help other sisters work through their companionship difficulties and other problems I've become really grateful for the tough experiences I've had in the mission, because I can relate to them! I think that the Lord needs you to pass through hard things to be able to help others farther along. Fun inspiration I had!

Also, I though the 'cat-calling and drunk guys not leaving me alone' deal would be better here because it wasn't too bad in Jinotega... It's not. We had one dude on the bus this week and my companion was seriously dying of laughter. He was screaming, "Marry me! You're beautiful, not ugly! I love white girls! What is your name? I love you!" And there were only like 8 people on the bus and they were all laughing. When we got off he was still calling from the window, "TE AMO!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!" We prayed that he won't remember what he did in the morning. Alcohol really is super dumb. Word of Wisdom for life. 

I really just love the gospel. When my testimony was struggling one of the things that really turned my perspective around was realizing that the only thing that really helps these people climb out of the poverty and the illiteracy is living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some things clicked for me at that point. I know that this is the solution to the world's problems! I've seen it! It works! It's like Ezra Taft Benson said in the first chapter of PMG (Preach My Gospel), the gospel is the only thing that will save the world from it's own self destruction. That is a true statement. I really just love being a part of it.

Oh, and I complete 1 year this week. What. How did that happen?? 

Well! Sigue fiel siempre!! Les amo. (Stay faithful forever!! Love you.) :)

Hermana Gubler

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jane Austen and Harry Potter

Hermana Wilkins. Love her!!

For all you Jane Austen fans, I'm going to pull a Miss Bates and say that the bad news is that this week I had a cold. Hahaha. No one will get that but my mother. Oh well. Love you Mommy.
Matagalpa is super great. I kind of just want to be back in Los Laureles some days though because it is so different here... Like sometimes I'm just so lost because the people need completely different things. My companion is seriously so awesome though so I just follow her lead and we're going! Finding people is definitely not the easiest here like it was in Managua because the majority are Catholics who are super deep in their traditions and the other majority can't read... still possible to teach... I just don't know how. But hey. Lots to learn!!

OH and being an STL is super fun. I love divisions. Our hermanas are seriously so awesome. It's a lot to balance because now I have to worry about 6 areas and 12 missionaries instead of 1 area and just my companion and I, but I feel like adjusting to training was like 500 times worse so I'm very grateful :) I learn so much from them.
I don't know how weird this is going to come off but I really just wish Harry Potter was included in the missionary library because some of the most profound testimony growths I've had the past few months have stemmed from pondering back on the Harry Potter books. I've learned so much about the significance of covenants, the eternal importance of resurrection, and the reality of dark and light forces in this world. Like so many gospel parallels when you think about it. I'm excited to re-read them when I get home.
Also, I realized my testimony has grown the most in the past two years in the last change I had, which was one of the hardest periods of the last two years. Funny how that works isn't it? All things work together for a purpose. We can have confidence that all things were done in the wisdom of Him who knows all things.
Love you!
Hermana Gubler

And lunch today. Burgers and fries. Yum.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015

Matching at the leaders meeting. didn't even plan it. Ellayne gave me that shirt, so pretty right??
TELL EVERYONE I LOVE THEM because I don't have time to write an email. Just the photos :)

 Matagalpa is beautiful!! Does not do it justice. I miss my camera.

Hna Reyes, I did exchanges with her this week. She's Wilkins comp and a new AP, she's super cute. She talked about our experience together and got all teary and I felt so special and loved. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

Birds are everywhere. This one doesn't bite so we took advantage and got a few pictures :)

So first off Matagalpa is going to give me the best legs of my life. The Richard Building stairs are NOTHING. These mountains are so unreal. Today was the first day I didn't wake up sore... It's the muscles that you stretch durning downward facing dog, they kill. It's super great though, maybe I'll actually lose some weight!! (That's a joke. It's impossible here.)

Oh and I thought I would update on the parasite, I actually don't have any! It was a gastrointestinal problem from all the Nica food and stress. But I took some pills and now I'm good! And all the weight I lost (not sure how, I think I was just eating less) is back so that stinks. But all is well. Thanks for all the prayers. 

I beat my record for giving last minute talks. The last time I had like 10 minutes, this past week they didn't tell me until they announced my name at the pulpit.. so that was cool! But it was only a testimony, so not too bad. Oh Nicaragua... haha

I did exchanges in Managua this week and there was a lady there that told me she had dreamed about me about three months ago so she knew I was coming. I was like... uhhh... And then she proceeded to tell me about the dress that I was wearing in the dream THAT WAS EXACTLY LIKE ONE I OWN. It was unreal. I told you about the dreams and visions they have. It's a real thing. So we'll see how that goes!

The sucky part about living so far away and being a leader is that we have lots of meetings and we travel in public buses. We're going again tomorrow... Pray I don't throw up... I'm really grateful I brought all that Dramamine now. Woooooo

Also my companion is awesome. She likes working with the poor people and I like teaching the rich ones so we're currently finding a nice balance there. :) She's super dedicated and loving and has incredible faith. She's wonderful to be around.

This had become one of my favorite scriptures to share on the mission: But behold, I, Jacob, would speak unto you that are pure in heart. Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions, and he will plead your cause, and send down justice upon those who seek your destruction. O all ye that are pure in heart, lift up your heads and receive the pleasing word of God, and feast upon his love; for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever.
Jacob 3:1-2

Keep a firm mind and you'll be free to feast on His love forever. I love that.
Love you! Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

Where I had lunch today. The other side is a cathedral. So beautiful. I loveee itttt!