Monday, June 22, 2015

1 Year!

Best ice cream ever. Bésame means Kiss Me. haha

Whooo, this week has been a ride. We seriously have nothing... like 5 progressing investigators. One of which is an adorable 16 year old named Sherly who, if all goes well, is getting baptized this Saturday. But other than that we're like at ground zero! So lots of fasting and planning and praying this week! Asi es la vida misional! (That's mission life!)

One of the interesting things is that as I've had to help other sisters work through their companionship difficulties and other problems I've become really grateful for the tough experiences I've had in the mission, because I can relate to them! I think that the Lord needs you to pass through hard things to be able to help others farther along. Fun inspiration I had!

Also, I though the 'cat-calling and drunk guys not leaving me alone' deal would be better here because it wasn't too bad in Jinotega... It's not. We had one dude on the bus this week and my companion was seriously dying of laughter. He was screaming, "Marry me! You're beautiful, not ugly! I love white girls! What is your name? I love you!" And there were only like 8 people on the bus and they were all laughing. When we got off he was still calling from the window, "TE AMO!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!" We prayed that he won't remember what he did in the morning. Alcohol really is super dumb. Word of Wisdom for life. 

I really just love the gospel. When my testimony was struggling one of the things that really turned my perspective around was realizing that the only thing that really helps these people climb out of the poverty and the illiteracy is living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some things clicked for me at that point. I know that this is the solution to the world's problems! I've seen it! It works! It's like Ezra Taft Benson said in the first chapter of PMG (Preach My Gospel), the gospel is the only thing that will save the world from it's own self destruction. That is a true statement. I really just love being a part of it.

Oh, and I complete 1 year this week. What. How did that happen?? 

Well! Sigue fiel siempre!! Les amo. (Stay faithful forever!! Love you.) :)

Hermana Gubler

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