Monday, June 15, 2015

Jane Austen and Harry Potter

Hermana Wilkins. Love herr!!!

For all you Jane Austen fans, I'm going to pull a Miss Bates and say that the bad news is that this week I had a cold. Hahaha. No one will get that but my mother. Oh well. Love you Mommy.
Matagalpa is super great. I kind of just want to be back in Los Laureles some days though because it is so different here... Like sometimes I'm just so lost because the people need completely different things. My companion is seriously so awesome though so I just follow her lead and we're going! Finding people is definitely not the easiest here like it was in Managua because the majority are Catholics who are super deep in their traditions and the other majority can't read... still possible to teach... I just don't know how. But hey. Lots to learn!!

OH and being an STL is super fun. I love divisions. Our hermanas are seriously so awesome. It's a lot to balance because now I have to worry about 6 areas and 12 missionaries instead of 1 area and just my companion and I, but I feel like adjusting to training was like 500 times worse so I'm very grateful :) I learn so much from them.
I don't know how weird this is going to come off but I really just wish Harry Potter was included in the missionary library because some of the most profound testimony growths I've had the past few months have stemmed from pondering back on the Harry Potter books. I've learned so much about the significance of covenants, the eternal importance of resurrection, and the reality of dark and light forces in this world. Like so many gospel parallels when you think about it. I'm excited to re-read them when I get home.
Also, I realized my testimony has grown the most in the past two years in the last change I had, which was one of the hardest periods of the last two years. Funny how that works isn't it? All things work together for a purpose. We can have confidence that all things were done in the wisdom of Him who knows all things.
Love you!
Hermana Gubler

And lunch today. Burgers and fries. Yum.

Hna Blanco and I! She's a cutie.

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