Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm out of creative subject lines.... Mice... Pop Culture... yup.

We had to kill a baby mouse this week. Needless to say we're looking for a new apartment. Wish us luck. Video below. I almost died. Also, my voice is shot because the mildew in the house we're in is killing my voice... another reason for moving. Woo hooo!

So we have this really cool investigator who I will call Chris! I won't use his real name because he grew up in some extremely messy gang cartels and he's got a lot of enemies apparently... But he is seriously one of the coolest investigators I've had! This guy has seriously turned his life around. He should be getting baptized this Thursday but we may have to wait because his very messy past could delay his baptism. We'll find out tonight! Pray for him!

Having a newbie comp who's up to date on pop culture is driving me so trunky. Get ready for all the movie nights and everyone should get me iTunes gift cards for my coming home presents. hahaha 

I just want to finish saying that being on a mission really has just put life in perspective for me. I feel very thankful for all that I've been given and I've realized that strong families really are the center of happiness. Like L. Tom Perry said at the end of his last General Conference talk! I am so grateful for Mom and Dad and for all you've done to raise me in a Christ centered home. And my extended family and friends for all the support they've given over the years. We really are so blessed. 

Les amo!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

Prayer and Problemitas

Mom's note: This post is a week late - I forgot to post it last week. 
Look what we found this week. On a mountain. What?

This week was super eventful! I fell into a hole! In the dark! But no worries nothing was broken :) We also found a turtle... like a big one! And every RM needs to go listen to "Say Something" with a missionary/investigator perspective because if you do it's pretty hilarious. 

That was actually just about it. Haha

Also, I just really wanted to testify about the power of prayer. I've been really frustrated lately because this area is just really hard for me. I've been trying to sacrifice more and I'm working harder than I've ever worked and nothing has seemed to change. But as we were praying this morning about what we should put for our August baptism goal I just had this overwhelming, peaceful feeling that there ARE families waiting for us. At least two. That's our goal. But I just am so grateful for the peace that our Heavenly Father can give us when we ask! He really is a loving Father in Heaven.

Love you! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Gubler

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hikes and Hijas

Is she not the cutest???

I just want everyone to know that I'm on top of the world right now because my daughter is seriously the BEST!! I love her so much! Her name is Hermana Nancy Walborn and she's from Michigan and she went to a year at BYU like me! She is so awesome. She hit the ground running and she is so excited to learn Spanish and loved the people from day one. She's a gem. 

The other big thing from this month is that we went on a hike up to the big cross at the top of one of the mountains here. IT WAS HUGE and the best part was this HUGE Mary statue in front of it. I love Mary, and the pass along cards we used with her and baby Jesus at Christmas are my favorite, but it's so sad how the beauty of her role in the life of Christ is so lost here. I feel like I've written about this before. Oh well. haha

Well I'm short on time this week but I sent lots of photos to my Mom. :)

Love you all and so does the Lord! Never forget your infinite worth in His eyes :)

Hermana Gubler

Saying goodbye to my mommy :')

 My new bag and scripture cases! Go to they have the BEST stuff.

Fourth of July!

Today's hike's views :)

Today's hike's views :)
To be honest a little creepy...

And huge.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Go Daughter #3

You got it! Training a newbie again! Whooo hoooo I'm really excited. President ended up changing the TLs this change and now there's one in Esteli and one in Matagalpa, so I'm all on my own! Hna Valdez is off to Chinandega. And my daughter, Hna Ramos, is OFF TO PUERTO CABEZAS - the city on the Caribbean coast that you have to take a plane to. Like. So jealous. And I won't see her before I finish my mission because she'll be over there forever. But she's going to be great.

I got told that I looked like I was Amish this week by some chick in Esteli. It went something like this:

Lady (out of the blue): You look like you're Amish.
Me: Uhh...
Lady: Yeah like your clothes, you know?
Me: Do you know who the Amish are?
Lady: Yeah like on that show! You know??
Me: Well, I know this shirt is kind of ugly, it's really comfy though...
Lady: No, your skirt too! It's really flowy!
Me: -_-

So that's what I get for buying Eddie Bauer Granola shirts. Oh well. Worth it.

Independence day was super fun! Basically, all we did was wear red, white, and blue and called it good! We took a photo but I don't have my converter so... next week.

Also, the greatest news of all, I'm waiting for my newbie tomorrow in Managua, and as luck would have it, I'm in Los Laureles! Martha screamed when she saw me. Seriously, it's the best coming back. I love it here so much. I'll see everyone else at night. Lots of photos to come :)

And the bad news is this week my watch broke, my camera got half busted, I lost one of my pearl earrings, and my compie got oil on a brand new skirt I bought... So it's been a bad week for Sister Gubler's possessions.... But hey. All is well.

Pray lots for me as I am now training, a Sister Training Leader, and leading in my area now. I'll be doing lots of extra yoga :)

Love you all! Sorry for being a hypocrite and not writing spiritual at all this week! Just know that God loves all His children but only trusts in a few. Be worthy of His trust, because it's an opportunity to receive the greatest blessings life can give :)

Hermana Gubler

All Grown Up

 My apologies for posting this a week late. My other daughter, Sarah, had a broken arm and surgery so I spaced it.

So my agenda with all the list of stuff I needed to write this week is at the house.. so I have no idea what I was gonna say here. But! I remember a few.

First, we had the AP sisters up here this weekend for meetings so I got to do exchanges with Hna Wilkins on our one year mark!! See attached photo. We're wearing the clothes we wore on our first day. And isn't Matagalpa beautiful?? I love working with her, it's so cool to think back to how we taught in the CCM and how it still reflects in our teaching! 

The other big event this week is that we went waterfall touring this morning! It was super pretty! And the whole place smelled like Splash Mountain. Trunky. See photo! ALSO EXCUSE the nikes with jeans, don't judge me my sweats were dirty. My sweet Dunder Mifflin Tshirt makes up for it, right?? #ILoveTheOffice

Lastly, I have a little request to make. So in the meeting we had with President this week we got a little... macheted... because we haven't had a baptism in like... forever.... and we're leaders... and he was just like... You're capable of better! And my comp may have cried... but yeah we're reworking how we do things here. I think I finally have this place worked out. I kinda hope I finish here because it took me long enough! Sheeshhhh So I decided I needed to make some sacrifices to be able to see the miracles we're needing right now! So the favor is that I would ask you all to try and focus your emails on the spiritual, as much as possible! Just like, what have you been studying in the scriptures lately? What spiritual struggles are you facing? How has living the gospel blessed you in the past week? I would love to hear. And it would definitely help me focus better, because I need to stop thinking about home so much! I just love you all demasiado (too much). So just keep that in mind I guess!! THANKS

Oh, and final note, I may or may not have busted my camera at the waterfall deal today when I got scared by a 5 inch long dragon fly with HUGE EYES and dropped my camera... So we'll see if we can fix it. But if not, it may be a rough next few weeks for pictures. haha 

Love you! Have the best week!

Hermana Gubler

Please excuse my jeans with Nikes. My sweats were dirty.  But my Dunder Mifflin Tshirt makes up for it, right? #THEOFFICE

That's a bat. That my ZL caught. 

After taking this photo a man came by, picked it up, put it on his shirt, and walked away. So. That was cool. 

Mi Matagalpa :)

My comp's one year present. Toast with beans, perfume, and a poster with Dora stickers. I love her.