Monday, July 6, 2015

All Grown Up

 My apologies for posting this a week late. My other daughter, Sarah, had a broken arm and surgery so I spaced it.

So my agenda with all the list of stuff I needed to write this week is at the house.. so I have no idea what I was gonna say here. But! I remember a few.

First, we had the AP sisters up here this weekend for meetings so I got to do exchanges with Hna Wilkins on our one year mark!! See attached photo. We're wearing the clothes we wore on our first day. And isn't Matagalpa beautiful?? I love working with her, it's so cool to think back to how we taught in the CCM and how it still reflects in our teaching! 

The other big event this week is that we went waterfall touring this morning! It was super pretty! And the whole place smelled like Splash Mountain. Trunky. See photo! ALSO EXCUSE the nikes with jeans, don't judge me my sweats were dirty. My sweet Dunder Mifflin Tshirt makes up for it, right?? #ILoveTheOffice

Lastly, I have a little request to make. So in the meeting we had with President this week we got a little... macheted... because we haven't had a baptism in like... forever.... and we're leaders... and he was just like... You're capable of better! And my comp may have cried... but yeah we're reworking how we do things here. I think I finally have this place worked out. I kinda hope I finish here because it took me long enough! Sheeshhhh So I decided I needed to make some sacrifices to be able to see the miracles we're needing right now! So the favor is that I would ask you all to try and focus your emails on the spiritual, as much as possible! Just like, what have you been studying in the scriptures lately? What spiritual struggles are you facing? How has living the gospel blessed you in the past week? I would love to hear. And it would definitely help me focus better, because I need to stop thinking about home so much! I just love you all demasiado (too much). So just keep that in mind I guess!! THANKS

Oh, and final note, I may or may not have busted my camera at the waterfall deal today when I got scared by a 5 inch long dragon fly with HUGE EYES and dropped my camera... So we'll see if we can fix it. But if not, it may be a rough next few weeks for pictures. haha 

Love you! Have the best week!

Hermana Gubler

Please excuse my jeans with Nikes. My sweats were dirty.  But my Dunder Mifflin Tshirt makes up for it, right? #THEOFFICE

That's a bat. That my ZL caught. 

After taking this photo a man came by, picked it up, put it on his shirt, and walked away. So. That was cool. 

Mi Matagalpa :)

My comp's one year present. Toast with beans, perfume, and a poster with Dora stickers. I love her.

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