Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hikes and Hijas

Is she not the cutest???

I just want everyone to know that I'm on top of the world right now because my daughter is seriously the BEST!! I love her so much! Her name is Hermana Nancy Walborn and she's from Michigan and she went to a year at BYU like me! She is so awesome. She hit the ground running and she is so excited to learn Spanish and loved the people from day one. She's a gem. 

The other big thing from this month is that we went on a hike up to the big cross at the top of one of the mountains here. IT WAS HUGE and the best part was this HUGE Mary statue in front of it. I love Mary, and the pass along cards we used with her and baby Jesus at Christmas are my favorite, but it's so sad how the beauty of her role in the life of Christ is so lost here. I feel like I've written about this before. Oh well. haha

Well I'm short on time this week but I sent lots of photos to my Mom. :)

Love you all and so does the Lord! Never forget your infinite worth in His eyes :)

Hermana Gubler

Saying goodbye to my mommy :')

 My new bag and scripture cases! Go to they have the BEST stuff.

Fourth of July!

Today's hike's views :)

Today's hike's views :)
To be honest a little creepy...

And huge.

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