Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Go Daughter #3

You got it! Training a newbie again! Whooo hoooo I'm really excited. President ended up changing the TLs this change and now there's one in Esteli and one in Matagalpa, so I'm all on my own! Hna Valdez is off to Chinandega. And my daughter, Hna Ramos, is OFF TO PUERTO CABEZAS - the city on the Caribbean coast that you have to take a plane to. Like. So jealous. And I won't see her before I finish my mission because she'll be over there forever. But she's going to be great.

I got told that I looked like I was Amish this week by some chick in Esteli. It went something like this:

Lady (out of the blue): You look like you're Amish.
Me: Uhh...
Lady: Yeah like your clothes, you know?
Me: Do you know who the Amish are?
Lady: Yeah like on that show! You know??
Me: Well, I know this shirt is kind of ugly, it's really comfy though...
Lady: No, your skirt too! It's really flowy!
Me: -_-

So that's what I get for buying Eddie Bauer Granola shirts. Oh well. Worth it.

Independence day was super fun! Basically, all we did was wear red, white, and blue and called it good! We took a photo but I don't have my converter so... next week.

Also, the greatest news of all, I'm waiting for my newbie tomorrow in Managua, and as luck would have it, I'm in Los Laureles! Martha screamed when she saw me. Seriously, it's the best coming back. I love it here so much. I'll see everyone else at night. Lots of photos to come :)

And the bad news is this week my watch broke, my camera got half busted, I lost one of my pearl earrings, and my compie got oil on a brand new skirt I bought... So it's been a bad week for Sister Gubler's possessions.... But hey. All is well.

Pray lots for me as I am now training, a Sister Training Leader, and leading in my area now. I'll be doing lots of extra yoga :)

Love you all! Sorry for being a hypocrite and not writing spiritual at all this week! Just know that God loves all His children but only trusts in a few. Be worthy of His trust, because it's an opportunity to receive the greatest blessings life can give :)

Hermana Gubler

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