Monday, July 27, 2015

Prayer and Problemitas

Mom's note: This post is a week late - I forgot to post it last week. 
Look what we found this week. On a mountain. What?

This week was super eventful! I fell into a hole! In the dark! But no worries nothing was broken :) We also found a turtle... like a big one! And every RM needs to go listen to "Say Something" with a missionary/investigator perspective because if you do it's pretty hilarious. 

That was actually just about it. Haha

Also, I just really wanted to testify about the power of prayer. I've been really frustrated lately because this area is just really hard for me. I've been trying to sacrifice more and I'm working harder than I've ever worked and nothing has seemed to change. But as we were praying this morning about what we should put for our August baptism goal I just had this overwhelming, peaceful feeling that there ARE families waiting for us. At least two. That's our goal. But I just am so grateful for the peace that our Heavenly Father can give us when we ask! He really is a loving Father in Heaven.

Love you! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Gubler

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