Monday, August 31, 2015

President Nelson & Baptisms!


This week has been incredible. The meeting with President Nelson was so powerful! The Spirit was SO STRONG. It was just the fact that we had all the Lord's army in Nicaragua gathered together to hear an Apostle of the Savior that gave it such an amazing spirit. I just wanted to stay there forever. I learned a lot, but the thing that really stuck out to me was that I need to improve my studies! I have learned so much on my mission but I've got lots to learn still! I also received lots of revelation for how to help the sisters, which was much needed. It was all in all an incredible few hours. Photo attached of my comp and me getting ready to leave at 3am! I love getting all dressed up! My hair was actually curled 15 minutes before that picture was taken I promise! haha Like the dress? I had Blanca make it for me in two days. It cost 10 bucks. Winning. 

Other highlights from this week... I just cut my hair. Only like two inches but it feels better. Yayy

One fun thing about Matagalpa is that we are always seeing white people because all the Americans and Europeans are attracted to the jungle and the cooler climate... hahaha This week two Germans (i think) stopped to ask us what hotel we were staying in so they could find a good one and we were like... We live here.. and they were like.. woah... Haha it was great. 

I saw a man dead from a motorcycle accident on the way back from Jinotega this week. All of his blood was all over the place. It was way sad. The Nicas were all trying to get a good look and one even grabbed the top of my head and yanked it over. I got a little irritated with that one... The personal space concept doesn't exist here.

I accidentally pulled out Near's chair from under her in a lesson this week. I thought she saw me move it. It was really awkward and hilarious. Good thing she's an angel and forgave me quick. Haha

And last but certainly not least! Alex and Osmara got baptized! Alex and Jess are still waiting on their papers, but soon! :) I am so excited for them!

The gospel is so true and the mission is the best thing ever. Fe es el poder, trabajo el secreta, obediencia la clave. (Translation: Faith is the power, the secret work, obedience the key) Love you!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

 My hair was actually curled 15 minutes before that picture was taken I promise!
Osmara's Baptism
Alex's baptism. Can't see my badge. Whoops

Alex and his girlfriend.

Of all the weird tan lines I've developed this one is definitely the weirdest. #PearlsEveryDay

Friday, August 28, 2015

Get Ready for A Real Email...

Mi Matagalpa πŸ’•

My goal this week was to start writing decent emails home. Here we go.

The first fun things from this week are two interesting lessons I taught...

1. We taught a Buddhist Japanese man who wouldn't let us pray inside a special needs school by a vegetable garden.

2. We taught a Jewish Republican who makes incredible American food in a coffee shop.

So there's those. Neither was very positive but the spouse of the Jewish guy is! It was an interesting week for sure.

Another great thing is being with my companion, Hermana Near. She is super health conscious and is getting me eating better things like nuts and soy beans and it's even to the point that I promised I would go running with her this week. For those of you who know me that's a feat. I'm excited. πŸ˜Š

The Elders also baptized an 87 year old man this Sunday and it was the most painful but wonderful thing I've ever seen. He was floundering around like mad and it looked the Elder was trying to drown him... haha And then we realized he got baptized with his Sunday pants on underneath not understanding the whole "your clothes are going to get wet" concept... so they had to run out and buy him more pants. He was a little forgetful too and asked the Elders if he was going to have to get baptized every week... hahaha But his family is so excited, all his grandkids are members. It was really tender.

Our daily bus also got its route changed while they work on the road it usually goes on so every day we drive literally through a river on a school bus. It's my favorite. Sometimes on that bus I feel like I'm on the Indiana Jones ride... woooo

OH, AND I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU ALL that Elder... actually President Nelson is coming to Nicaragua to meet with the missionaries on Saturday! So excited! I'm singing in the choir, just like the last time I met him at Stake Conference a few years back. Wish us luck! Also, I love choir practices because I get to see everyone. Hermana Hatt is doing so good! And Muller cut her hair! Gah! I think I'm going to cut mine. Just a bit. Ugh, I don't know. It's so dead. The fight is real. Tell Ron that he needs to take a vacation to Nicaragua....

AND It's official that my release date has been changed to the 8th of December, we got two weeks snipped off our missions πŸ˜§ (Sorry I'm using these because I can't find the colon sign on this keyboard) but hopefully now Mommy and Daddy are going to come down and meet everyone! I'll let ya'll know what day I get back when we buy the tickets!

OH, AND we have BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!!! YAYYYYYYY! An awesome 18 year old named Alexander is getting baptized this week. We also have a family named Alex and Jessica that will get married and baptized on Friday if her papers to get married come through this week; if not, next week! And then we have a granddaughter of an elderly member named Osmara that will be ready this Sunday to get baptized with Alexander! THINGS ARE LOOKING UP. So excited!

I've been thinking a lot about charity lately. I really just love these people so much, but sometimes it's hard for me to step into their shoes so I can really be patient with their individual difficulties. I really love the scripture in Moroni 7:48 that says, "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons (and daughters) of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure." Isn't that just powerful?? Christ understands them perfectly, so He is the only one who can really help us understand them, so all we need to do is ask Him! Isn't the gospel just so simple and wonderful? That pure love is what purifies us and moves us to become more like Him.

There you have it. A decent email. Enjoy πŸ˜˜ 

¡Les Amo!

Hermana Gubler

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Healing Wings

My new compie and me this morning! Now I don't have to move! Relief.

Well this week was a miracle. That's just about the best way to put it. I was studying in Helaman 5 this week and I read that the Lamanites were given power to them to be able to "turn and look". I realized that I hadn't been facing in the right direction at all. I was looking at my area negatively and I was worrying about myself and not others and I was letting the precious time I have here slip by! Like I'm going home in less than 4 months. I've still got stuff to do! I was praying that the Lord would give me the power to turn and look and he did. He really just picked me up and helped me back to my feet. We found so many amazing people this week and I'm really excited for this change!

The other news is that my beautiful daughter Hermana Walborn is off to EstelΓ­ right now. :´( She's going to have a step mom and I hate it! She's mine! No, but really I will miss her SO MUCH. I feel like we seriously met yesterday. But she's going to go open up an area with a Guatamalan who speaks perfect English so she'll have a blast. :) I'm excited for her. So I am currently with Hermana Near! Remember the flower pic from a few weeks ago?? That's her! She reminds me a TON of Jory. Her singing, her sense of humor, the way she speaks, I just love her! And it looks like I'm back to another white companion streak! Before, the two of us had different comps in the same area and now it's just the two of us so we have double everything right now! So that's awesome. 

Well I was going to tell you about the cool families we found this week, including a Japanese man, I'm so excited to teach him! It's a Japanese man speaking Spanish to two Americans speaking Spanish in Nicaragua. Who'da thought?? 

Just know that I know the church is true. And I'm so grateful for the Savior and the healing he brings.

Have a wonderful week!πŸ’•

Hermana Gubler
Saying goodbye to my hija


Monday, August 10, 2015

Keep Moving Forward!

First off I just have to say that my companion is the best. We have too much fun. I would type up all the jokes and one liners but there are too many. She is the biggest blessing. I love her!

Second off. This week the doctor in charge of all of the central America missions came to the mission this week and macheted us, which was actually really great. BUT his wife is Latina, from El Salvador, and she pulled me aside at the end and told me my Spanish was incredible and that I have the accent of a Latina. So that made my week. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL. 

Third. Still haven't moved. We almost moved to another sisters' apartment building because they have hot water and their apartments are NICE but the bus doesn't run long enough to take us home at night so we have to stay in our area. Lame. The search continues!

Fourth. As far as my enthusiasm, it's better. We had a multi zone meeting this week that helped me a lot. We went home though and we started applying it all and our numbers were even worse this week... But sometimes it takes a bit. I just really love these people and I just want them so badly to keep their commitments! We are teaching this family that just needs the gospel SO MUCH and she just keeps talking about how much she needs it. And this other teenager who is seriously the cutest, Herenia, also just needs to be a member! We found them all sleeping on Sunday and couldn't even get them to come to the door. So. Keep them in your prayers. And that we can find those who I don't have to drag to church... Just kidding. We'll do what it takes. They are precious daughters and sons of God! 

We just keep moving forward :) Thank you for the prayers!

Hermana Gubler
Artsy bus pictures. As artsy as the mission gets anyways.

 The zone!

Working the duck lips. 

Our investigator Eveling.

I love Matagalpa. So pretty.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Freak Cockroaches and Frustration

I just want everyone to know I found my pearl earring in my hamper this week after more than a month of having lost it. I was so happy. 

Now that that's out of the way this week has been REALLY crappy. Like really cruddy. We had a family that was going to get baptized this week and then they had some doubts so we were going to postpone and then found the Mom with a cup of coffee Sunday morning with some dumb excuse about why she wasn't going to church. I was so sad. AND THEN you remember Chris?? Those problems he had were bigger than we thought. President told us we need to stop visiting him and yeah it's just. Ugh. He was making so many changes and I was so excited and zip.

Basically I'm just frustrated because I've worked harder in this area than any other time in my mission and NOTHING. I'm coming up on three months here and not a soul I've taught has decided to take the step of baptism. JUST FOLLOW CHRIST, DANG IT. No, but really, it's been rough. 

My comp accidentally touched this cockroach that was literally the biggest one I have ever seen here. We're talking bigger than my name tag and like an inch thick. She was hyperventilating and grabbed me and wouldn't let go for a good 3 minutes. So funny. And disgusting. I HATE THEM.

Well I hope you know I appreciate your prayers so much! They make a difference. And I need them lots! The mission is just one crazy roller coaster. But the happiest one there is, even with its downs.  :)

Love, Hermana Gubler

Latino cemeteries are soooo pretty!

Me with all them dead people