Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Freak Cockroaches and Frustration

I just want everyone to know I found my pearl earring in my hamper this week after more than a month of having lost it. I was so happy. 

Now that that's out of the way this week has been REALLY crappy. Like really cruddy. We had a family that was going to get baptized this week and then they had some doubts so we were going to postpone and then found the Mom with a cup of coffee Sunday morning with some dumb excuse about why she wasn't going to church. I was so sad. AND THEN you remember Chris?? Those problems he had were bigger than we thought. President told us we need to stop visiting him and yeah it's just. Ugh. He was making so many changes and I was so excited and zip.

Basically I'm just frustrated because I've worked harder in this area than any other time in my mission and NOTHING. I'm coming up on three months here and not a soul I've taught has decided to take the step of baptism. JUST FOLLOW CHRIST, DANG IT. No, but really, it's been rough. 

My comp accidentally touched this cockroach that was literally the biggest one I have ever seen here. We're talking bigger than my name tag and like an inch thick. She was hyperventilating and grabbed me and wouldn't let go for a good 3 minutes. So funny. And disgusting. I HATE THEM.

Well I hope you know I appreciate your prayers so much! They make a difference. And I need them lots! The mission is just one crazy roller coaster. But the happiest one there is, even with its downs.  :)

Love, Hermana Gubler

Latino cemeteries are soooo pretty!

Me with all them dead people

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