Monday, August 10, 2015

Keep Moving Forward!

First off I just have to say that my companion is the best. We have too much fun. I would type up all the jokes and one liners but there are too many. She is the biggest blessing. I love her!

Second off. This week the doctor in charge of all of the central America missions came to the mission this week and macheted us, which was actually really great. BUT his wife is Latina, from El Salvador, and she pulled me aside at the end and told me my Spanish was incredible and that I have the accent of a Latina. So that made my week. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL. 

Third. Still haven't moved. We almost moved to another sisters' apartment building because they have hot water and their apartments are NICE but the bus doesn't run long enough to take us home at night so we have to stay in our area. Lame. The search continues!

Fourth. As far as my enthusiasm, it's better. We had a multi zone meeting this week that helped me a lot. We went home though and we started applying it all and our numbers were even worse this week... But sometimes it takes a bit. I just really love these people and I just want them so badly to keep their commitments! We are teaching this family that just needs the gospel SO MUCH and she just keeps talking about how much she needs it. And this other teenager who is seriously the cutest, Herenia, also just needs to be a member! We found them all sleeping on Sunday and couldn't even get them to come to the door. So. Keep them in your prayers. And that we can find those who I don't have to drag to church... Just kidding. We'll do what it takes. They are precious daughters and sons of God! 

We just keep moving forward :) Thank you for the prayers!

Hermana Gubler
Artsy bus pictures. As artsy as the mission gets anyways.

 The zone!

Working the duck lips. 

Our investigator Eveling.

I love Matagalpa. So pretty.

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