Monday, August 31, 2015

President Nelson & Baptisms!


This week has been incredible. The meeting with President Nelson was so powerful! The Spirit was SO STRONG. It was just the fact that we had all the Lord's army in Nicaragua gathered together to hear an Apostle of the Savior that gave it such an amazing spirit. I just wanted to stay there forever. I learned a lot, but the thing that really stuck out to me was that I need to improve my studies! I have learned so much on my mission but I've got lots to learn still! I also received lots of revelation for how to help the sisters, which was much needed. It was all in all an incredible few hours. Photo attached of my comp and me getting ready to leave at 3am! I love getting all dressed up! My hair was actually curled 15 minutes before that picture was taken I promise! haha Like the dress? I had Blanca make it for me in two days. It cost 10 bucks. Winning. 

Other highlights from this week... I just cut my hair. Only like two inches but it feels better. Yayy

One fun thing about Matagalpa is that we are always seeing white people because all the Americans and Europeans are attracted to the jungle and the cooler climate... hahaha This week two Germans (i think) stopped to ask us what hotel we were staying in so they could find a good one and we were like... We live here.. and they were like.. woah... Haha it was great. 

I saw a man dead from a motorcycle accident on the way back from Jinotega this week. All of his blood was all over the place. It was way sad. The Nicas were all trying to get a good look and one even grabbed the top of my head and yanked it over. I got a little irritated with that one... The personal space concept doesn't exist here.

I accidentally pulled out Near's chair from under her in a lesson this week. I thought she saw me move it. It was really awkward and hilarious. Good thing she's an angel and forgave me quick. Haha

And last but certainly not least! Alex and Osmara got baptized! Alex and Jess are still waiting on their papers, but soon! :) I am so excited for them!

The gospel is so true and the mission is the best thing ever. Fe es el poder, trabajo el secreta, obediencia la clave. (Translation: Faith is the power, the secret work, obedience the key) Love you!

Hermana Michelle Gubler

 My hair was actually curled 15 minutes before that picture was taken I promise!
Osmara's Baptism
Alex's baptism. Can't see my badge. Whoops

Alex and his girlfriend.

Of all the weird tan lines I've developed this one is definitely the weirdest. #PearlsEveryDay

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