Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to Short Emails... Sorry!

Hermanas Gubler and Near :)
OK, so I have no time but it's fine because this week was super uneventful. 

Jessica and Alex are great. The papers to get married supposedly are coming today. Pray that they do!

I made an analogy in a lesson this week that including me talking about an old job I had and the lady we were teaching stopped me and said, "Wait, you worked in the United States??" And I replied... "Yeah Hermana, money doesn't grow on trees there either..." and she was way surprised! They all think that we live perfect lives there. Sadly, we don't! No one does. Which is why the whole world needs the gospel! How great is our calling.

And the other fun story is that Near and I had to get onto a really crowded bus this week and she was basically hanging out the door as it took off. So naturally she grabbed onto my waist, but missed and grabbed my chest. This being unbeknownst to me, I mistook her hand as the creepy man's who was pressed up against my side so I started to yell and went to punch the guy when she started yelling, "IT WAS ME!!" And everyone laughed at us. It was hilarious but really... well. Yeah. Awkward. 

And Near and I are going crazy with movie quoting. Like. Too much. I love her.

Well, I had planned to share a spiritual thought but I have no time. The work is the Lord's! I know he's the head! I love being a part of his church.

Also, I get home December 15th at 9:38pm for those who don't already know. Put in on the calendar. Holy Hannah this is real. Freaking out a bit. NICARAGUA IS MY HOME. Pray for me.

Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

Hermanas Gubler and Hatt

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