Wednesday, September 23, 2015

They only send the healthy to Matagalpa!!

Well this week has been fairly uneventful! There were some weird old men that tried to take pictures of us that I had to tell off this week... Near and I found this place that makes an AMAZING Caesar salad and we're addicted. And then my body has been kind of giving out a little. Matagalpa is super physically demanding because we climb mountains all day and it's starting to take it's toll... I'm just really tired all the time! I think we'll eat more salad and I'll drink more water and we'll look for more investigators down low! And I think we might have bed bugs... which is thrilling. So I'll keep you updated on that one. 

The other big news is that we have an investigator that we just found that received all the lessons with the missionaries a few months back, we went back and found her last week and this week she was baptized! Just like that! She is so sweet. She has a lot of problems in her home and has a great desire to learn and to grow to be able to deal with them all and be an example. I know that the gospel will help her do just that! I can't send those pictures right now, but next week I will!

We went to a super neat wildlife garden resort deal today and they had this neat wall with a bunch of cities and countries on it. What Up Salt Lake. 

And I don't have time for my spiritual thought. Again. I need to learn to start with those... The gospel is true! I know it! Have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Gubler

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