Thursday, October 29, 2015

Patience and Halloween!

My CCM (MTC) comps
Happy Halloween! I hope everyone sends me lots of photos of their decorations and costumes. :) I'll try and snap a few of Día de los Muertos on the 2nd next week! I'm already onto Christmas though, TBH. Sorry not sorry. We're playing the music and spraying apple cinnamon everywhere. Tis the season.

This week we had a big meeting with the South Mission and Elder Snow of the Seventy came to speak along with a few others. It was uplifting and very inspiring. And it's always fun to see old friends. There will be more pictures on the blog. :)

Yesterday, in the first Sacrament meeting we have (the normal big one, we have a small one in a neighborhood that's super far away in the afternoon for those that can't pay for the bus to come) there was NO ONE. We normally have 120-140 attendance but yesterday we only had 80. It was partially because we were in Managua for half of the week, but it was still really low and I was frustrated. In the afternoon, we were passing by for people to take them to the afternoon meeting, and we were bringing a little old woman named Juanita in her wheelchair to sacrament meeting and passing by for some others with her. She could tell that I was a little impatient that no one was answering their doors and everyone else was saying no, so she said to me, "Solo tenga paciencia, hermana. Si no tiene paciencia, que tiene? Nada". In English: "Just have patience, sister. If you don't have patience, what do you have? Nothing." I didn't realize it in the moment, but my attitude was extremely impatient. And she's right! If we don't learn to be patient, we can expect a constant stream of misery. It was a great lesson for me. 
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Well, I'm out of time. Pray for me that I don't stress over sacrament attendance and my life when I get back home. haha.

Love you! Have a great week!

Hermana Gubler

The girl in the middle is named Catherine, and she was baptized and confirmed this week! She's from the Atlantic coast, she speaks Misquito, which is like a cool dialect there. She's 17 and is seriously amazing. MIRACLES

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