Monday, October 26, 2015

Sick Day and Aniza's Baptism!

My apologies for posting this two weeks late. I was out of town, then I forgot.

I don't like most cats but this one was a cuddler and fat and I love it. Thought you needed to see.

Ok, so there is seriously like nothing to write this week. Hermana Near got sick... so I got to watch the Joseph Smith movie and Mountain of the Lord because no one was available to do divisions with me because they were all partying at a wedding. Whoo. 

But the fun news. Remember the two cute girls from the photos last week?? One was actually not a member yet. Aniza. She has been going to church with her grandma forever and this past weekend was baptized on her birthday! We had cake and all :) She and her sisters were asking me questions about Revelation and telling me how they defend the Book of Mormon and the church to their peers. They're the type of missionary I wish I would have been when I was 11... so cool. 

Oh and sorry the video didn't upload in time last week. I'll try again... (Mom's note: I finally added it to last week's post.)

The mission is seriously the most incredible thing. The Lord has humbled me a lot the past few months but in the end He knows just what I need. I can't imagine ever not being a missionary.. the thought scares me a little. Even though life is not the easiest here because of all the roller coaster highs and lows I am the happiest here that I've ever been. I'm excited to go home and see everyone again but I seriously can't imagine leaving this all behind! This country, these people, and especially this work are a part of me now. I love this gospel and I especially love sharing it. 

Ok, I am so sorry this email is so short... again.

Love and pray for each of you! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Gubler
Aniza's Baptism

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