Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Official... I'm Dying.

A nice shot of my daily life :) Oh how I'll miss this...
And Hermana Near is killing me. 

Here's to my last change!! And the fact that it's cut 2 weeks short! This is the third change I'll have with Hermana Near so she'll be the only companion I'll have more than two changes with. I love her so much and I'm so glad to push to the end with her. :)

This week was a little crazy just because I still haven't been reimbursed for the money I lost. So we didn't have money to pay our laundry or lunch cita so we've been cooking and washing our clothes ourselves.. And living off of nothing. That's been fun. We also got cheated about $500 cordovas ($20) so that was just the cherry on top. I think the Lord is preparing me to be a poor college student again... That's probably a good thing. And I've also been able to adjust back a little because we've been making American food! I LOVE SPAGHETTI. SO MUCH. And chicken without bones. The best.

We worked with a member named Heneodoro this week in a poorer area because he told us he wanted to introduce us to some people. He's a fairly new member, 3 years or so. BUT GUYS. He introduced us to the most ready people I have met in all the time I've been in this area. Do you want to know how he found them?? He was just in the area and contacted them himself. Like what?? Just went up and started to talk to them about the gospel, never having met them before. Talk about no fear!!! Both the references were people that already have friends or family that are members.. And seriously are SO PILAS. I am just so amazed by the courage and conversion of this new member. He's an example to all of us. There are no excuses! Every member a missionary!

We also had District Conference. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO HAVING A STAKE. So close. President and Hermana Collado are amazing. I seriously have the most amazing mission President. I love them. 

The only other thing that I wrote down was that I fell a million times this week. Once a kid literally attacked me to help me up. I was yelling, "I'M OK". It was super awkward.. 

I've been looking back on the mission and all the things I've learned and how I've changed. I have gained a big appreciation for Christ's Atonement and this wonderful mission experience he gave me. President said something a few weeks ago that is pure truth: "The more you get closer to God the more evident your weaknesses and faults become." It's so true. I think that's why the mission humbles you so much! He shows us our faults a little bit at a time as we are ready to see and fix them. I see all my faults - and the number isn't near small - and I am just so filled with gratitude that the gospel's ultimate goal is change. We can do it! We can become better! I feel so much closer to Christ than when I started all this and I feel so much more reliant on him and his Atonement. It truly is a wonderful feeling.

Love you! Have a wonderful week! 💕

Hermana Gubler
This is a throw back to when we got pasta at this Italian place. It was some of the crappiest pasta ever.. But hey. It's noodles. I AM SO EXCITED FOR NOODLES AND COMPANY!!!! Sorry was that trunky?? I have dreams about it weekly. Oops.

We made these tortillas with our bare hands.

My companion ate that. I refused. It is a fish head. In its entirety. She said it was really good. Brave soul.

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