Monday, November 2, 2015

The Beginning of the End

My favorite rock statue lady at my favorite smoothie place.
This week has been nuts. And kind of dumb. But we'll get to that. 

First, quote of the week. Hermana Near and I were shaking out the hammock we have, and the amount of dust and hair coming out of the thing was nasty. I said, "We should probably wash that.." and then we quickly responded in unison: "Nah." Haha. Aint nobody got time for dat. Sorry we're gross. Haha. But really we have no time. We are going HARD because I am not going to slow down for the end. FINISH STRONG. The most important week of Christ's life was his last. And so it will be with me!

Actually two quotes of the week. We were in a lesson with a member and it was going well but it was hot and we kept having to shew the flies. Shew?? Shoo? So anyways, the guy we're teaching is like hold on I got some stuff. So he leaves and comes back with a spray bottle and starts going at it. The member starts coughing and said, "That's straight gasoline!!" He gets a defensive face and says, "No it's not! It's diesel!" hahahahaha! We were dying. 

Here comes the cruddy part. That very investigator and his family told us off this week because I drew a five pointed star in his Restoration pamphlet to remind him to pray. Why is that a problem you might ask?? Well apparently five pointed stars are Satanic now so we got written off as Anti Christs. Mhmm. If only he would have actually followed the invitation and prayed... Oh well. 

It's alright though because we're seriously teaching some amazing people right now. All is well. We're expecting to throw lots of fire this month. :)

The sad news is that I left my wallet in a taxi after having just taken out all the rent and my money for food and stuff for the month. Joy. We're going to go to the taxi lost and found tomorrow (today is a holiday so it's closed) so everyone pray that the taxi man's heart was softened and he gave it back. It was a lot of money. WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

Well, that's about all. All's well in Matagalpa. Changes are this week. I'm secretly hoping to go spend my last six weeks in Villa Venezuela, my first area. Sometimes Pres does that,.. We'll see! 

Love you!

Hermana Gubler

This is a common dinner I have, Dr. Pepper with a chicken taco with spicy stuff on a banana leaf. Whooo

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