Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This is it...

My last week with Christ's name right next to mine. How I'll miss it.

This week has been a little crazy! I got stung by a bee under my eye and I biffed it pretty hard core on divisions and my hand was swollen for like three days... it's like internally bruised. Yay. Also on those divisions I found out that the mom of one of the Latin sisters in my zone lives in Tooele... so that's a little nuts! Small world. Does Jessica know a Maybel that's 15 and from El Salvador?? haha 

This is my last email home. I am kind of in denial about all this... I can't believe how fast time has gone. But to commemorate, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Remember when...

I ate fried pig skin? We moved overnight to ditch the drunk men outside our door? I got called to train a white girl with only 5 months in the mission? I basically peed my skirt on a public bus? #SinVergüenza. The APs thought that my Ward Mission Leader and I thought were on a date? I got emergency changed to my Grandma's? I gained XX pounds in 4 months? We captured a ginormous cockroach in a Pringles can? When we got our lost phone back? I suffered during Pizza Hut's remodel? Taylor Swift made me sumamente trunky? We visited some volcanoes? I found bugs in my Trix cereal so I burned it? A grim reaper freak was in the middle of the street at night so my companion and I took off running like mad? I taught a Buddhist and a Jew in the same week? We found a mini St. George hidden in my area? My Preach My Gospel fell in the toilet? Still mourning that... Some lady told me she dreamed about me months before I even got to Matagalpa? When I gave a talk in church on 5 minutes notice? More than once... Loam. My old investigator from Jinotega got baptized after I re-introduced the missionaries to her on divisions? I got hit in the head with a baseball? I spent almost all my mission with white girls and newbies? We found a turtle on the mountain? When some guy yelled at me for not telling him my first name? We killed a mouse with a broom? We paid children to knock on doors for us so people would actually open them? I saw a dead man in the street? When we crossed a Tarzan bridge on the daily? (Another board came off this week...) I projectile vomited after drinking some bad juice? And remember when I learned Spanish? And when we taught lesson after lesson after contact after studying after contact after lesson? When I learned that obedience is more than just a good idea, it's a spiritual principle of faith and power? When the spirit protected my companion and me from who knows what in Jinotega? When the windows of heaven opened and poured me out strength beyond what I ever thought was possible? Seeing my weaknesses helped me become strong? When my testimony made a 180 turn around while I struggled. When I realized that thinking about others really is the key to happiness. When I found out that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God. When I came to love these crazy people with all my heart.. When I found out the Book of Mormon really does change lives. I came to understand what the Atonement really could do for me. When I found out Jesus Christ really is the Savior and Redeemer. The biggest change really was in me. 

I am about out of time. I wish I could convey with these words how much the gospel means to me and how much I know it is true. I know it. God loves us so much. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really is God's kingdom on earth. Coming to Christ is really the only thing that gives us lasting peace. Now is the time. He's shown the way. He beckons with open arms. He loves us. Never forget it. 

See you soon.

Love, Hermana Gubler

The zone!

Her mom is in Tooele.

My piñata toady!

Hna Eteaki

I was pretty excited for cake...

Hermana Coello

My Hermanas today at the goodbye party :)

Thanksgiving dinner. The best we could do. French toast cheesy potatoes, pineapple, and eggs. Best.

Oh, how I'll miss this girl. 

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  1. My son is serving in the NMNM and I have read other blogs just to get a better feel of the mission. Sister Gubler's have been one of my favorites and I will miss them. Congratulations on completing an honorable mission. Best wishes for the future.
    Sister Ruth Brown